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Our Adoption Journey

When we first began this journey in 2018, neither of us knew the extent of what we were in for! We were so excited and scared to begin this new adventure together, but ultimately, we were willing to take this risk because we have always wanted to become parents and start our family.
Our families were so very supportive throughout the entire process, and we have leaned on them for so much emotional support. We could not have done this without their unwavering love!
In September of 2021, we connected with Wyatt’s birth parents.  It was a dream come true! We got to know his birth parents and quickly developed a friendship with them.  We got to know them very quickly; the reason they were looking to adopt, what their wishes were for their unborn child and what our relationship with them would look like moving forward.  We let them ‘lead the way,’ so to speak, because we wanted to be there to support whatever kind of relationship they wanted with us, and more importantly, with their unborn child.  Wyatt was born on November 3, 2021, so we were able to pack a lot of heartfelt conversations in that short amount of time!  His birth parents decided that they wanted a semi-open adoption.  Ever since then, we have sent countless pictures to them, videos, and letters. We understand that this can change at any point in time, but we wanted to be honest with any new potential birth parent to let them know we are completely comfortable with any adoption relationship.
We are fully committed to raising any child to know where they come from, and that they are loved by so many people.

About This Diary

This diary is for any expectant birth Mom who might want to get to know us a little more. We hope this gives more insight into who we are!

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