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Jenn & Mike

To Someone Special,

We are college sweethearts who met in 2002. Love came naturally, and we've been together for 21 years. Over the years, our love has only deepened, and we've faced life's challenges hand in hand. We've created countless memories, shared laughter, and supported each other's dreams. Our bond grows stronger with each passing day, and we look forward to the many adventures that lie ahead. Together, we know that our love can conquer anything life throws our way. Our story is meant to be, and we cherish every moment as a couple.

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From the beginning of our relationship, we knew that we wanted a big family. Our journey to a big family hasn't been an easy road, as we ran into infertility issues. We tried many routes to start our family, and they were all unsuccessful. Though the journey was hard, we've arrived at adoption with open hearts full of JOY. We're looking forward to seeing our dreams realized.

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Jenn & Mike

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Jenn & Mike