Our baby, adopted through Adoptimist.
“Matt and I decided to go with Adoptimist because of the simplicity of creating a profile. It was easy to post & get informative profile statistics. And we weren't locked into a contract!”
Matt & Rachel, Connected on Adoptimist
Cassie and Brad and baby, connected by Adoptimist
“We were excited to discover how user-friendly Adoptimist was. We quickly realized that the more we posted, the more hits we received, leading eventually to birthmother emails and phone calls.”
Cassie & Brad, Connected on Adoptimist
Jared and Katie with adopted child met thru Adoptimist
“The site is so easy to use & we could communicate directly with expectant parents! When we started trying to adopt again, there wasn’t a question in our minds that we would be using Adoptimist!”
Jared & Katie, Connected on Adoptimist

Our Membership Plans

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Our Membership Plans

We offer two plans (Premium and Featured) on the website. The plan you choose will have a direct impact on how often your profile is viewed. The more often your profile is viewed, the greater your chances at connecting. Note: Moving between plans is easy and there are no penalties or minimum-stay requirements beyond your current month of membership.


Because of its unique combination of features and outreach, Premium is by far our most successful plan on the website. Statistically, more connections occur in this plan. More adoptions occur through Premium connections as well. Here's why: As a Premium member, you'll receive priority placement on the website. Premium profile entries appear first on the website, before our Featured families. Premium entries will also appear first in any and all relevant site searches. Additionally, our Premium families enjoy an unlimited profile, meaning there are no limits to the number of photos, videos, or blogs you can add. And, your profile updates are instantly promoted on the Adoptimist website, including our homepage. Sign up for Adoptimist Premium or learn more about its features:

• Facebook Promoted Post
With your Premium membership, you will automatically receive a boosted post (paid ad) on our Facebook page (currently over 74,000 followers). The Facebook boost will provide your family with valuable exposure to audiences who are interested in adoptive families. Our Facebook page is currently the largest dedicated adoption-connect community available. In fact, some of our families have connected directly from our Facebook page! Premium families appear on Facebook every 3 months.

• Google Web Banners
We'll design and present your family with two customized web banners for placement on Google's ad network. Utilizing Google's industry-leading technologies, these banners will appear directly in front of users who are interested in adoptive families.

• Social Networking
Premium families appear automatically on all our social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. You will also have the chance to opt-in to promotions on our Instagram and Snapchat pages for additional outreach.

• Unlimited Profile
Having an unlimited profile is important for many reasons: every update you make is promoted on the website's homepage. So you'll be able to self-promote as you build a larger profile. Building a larger profile will increase the time visitors spend on your profile. This leads directly to more connections.

• Custom Profile Assistance: We'll photo edit your two most important pictures on the site and customize your profile entry.

• Profile Statistics Directly From Google Analytics: The trusted industry leader will provide you with a true picture of your profile's efficacy.

• Adoptimist Promote: Launch a customized advertising campaign to supplement your Adoptimist profile. Bring even more visitors directly to your profile by advertising it on Google, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram!

• Toll-free Number: Never miss a call with our personal toll-free numbers. Calls will forward to your cell, home, work, or any other numbers you want.

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Our Featured plan is a quality and cost-effective alternative to the Premium package. Featured profile entries always appear after all of our Premium families are displayed. Featured entries will also appear second (after Premium) in any and all relevant site searches. Featured families enjoy a large but limited profile (up to 20 photos). And you'll have access to valuable statistics directly from Google Analytics.

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