Who We Are

Adoptimist works with birthparents and adoptive parents to make connections that lead to adoption.

Adoptimist helps connect adoptive parents with women who are considering adoption. To us, family is everything. And we love helping to build families. We're really good at it.

Our Core Beliefs

What kind of company is Adoptimist? What do we believe in? Here's what you should know about us, if you are considering joining.

You are family to us. It sounds trite but we treat our members the way we would like to be treated. Family is everything to us and that isn't just a slogan. We firmly believe this.

We are, and always have been, an inclusive service. All families with a current and valid home study are welcome to join, free of bias or judgment. We know you may be on a tough & frustrating journey. But whatever you've been through, wherever you come from, your family is always welcome to join ours.

We are a service that gives back. We support several prominent birthmother-related causes and nonprofit organizations. Behind the scenes, we have privately provided assistance to many of our families during moments of financial hardship or stress. It is one of our guiding principles to support and give back to the adoption community as much as possible.

We are committed to our role as adoption-outreach innovators. We will continue to explore every outreach option available in an effort to help our families.

What We Do

Adoptimist is a unique meeting place and connect platform for people considering adoption. We've built really great and innovative tools to help make it easier for potential families to meet. How it works.

How We're Different

We're a technology company devoted to family-building. We are not an adoption agency or law firm. We are not an adoption facilitator and never act in that capacity. Adoptimist is a connect platform only. That means that on our site we do not provide matchmaking, recommendations, counseling, training, legal advice, placement or post-placement services, or any other related services.

We aren't trained or legally permitted to perform these activities. We don't even want to. We have only one goal: helping build families through our website and technologies. And that is where our expertise lies.

So rest assured that you and your family can take advantage of our services without any interference, unsolicited advice, or questionable practices on the part of Adoptimist.

Still have questions about the service? Please get in touch.

Our Story

When we set out building our company, we spoke with many family members who had personal experience with adoption. And one question kept bothering us: "Why does something as positive as adoption have to be so difficult?" We met good families ready to adopt without the money or resources to locate birthparents. We also heard from expectant mothers (and their guardians) who couldn't readily find suitable adoptive parents. With strong backgrounds in technology, our team began to explore the newest and smartest ways in which we could help connect and build families. Although there was no shortage of "adoption" and social media sites already out there, none seemed to harness the wide variety of smart, intuitive features and innovations we knew would really help bring families together. So we set out to create our own unique suite of tools and services.

We started small, patiently and compassionately testing our methods and ideas with a select group of families in the New York region. After some initial successes, we decided to take our service to a larger level in order to help even more families. The results of all this testing, brainstorming, and hard work is now available to all families and individuals interested in family-building through adoption.