Our baby, adopted through Adoptimist.
“Matt and I decided to go with Adoptimist because of the simplicity of creating a profile. It was easy to post & get informative profile statistics. And we weren't locked into a contract!”
Matt & Rachel, Connected on Adoptimist
Cassie and Brad and baby, connected by Adoptimist
“We were excited to discover how user-friendly Adoptimist was. We quickly realized that the more we posted, the more hits we received, leading eventually to birthmother emails and phone calls.”
Cassie & Brad, Connected on Adoptimist
Jared and Katie with adopted child met thru Adoptimist
“The site is so easy to use & we could communicate directly with expectant parents! When we started trying to adopt again, there wasn’t a question in our minds that we would be using Adoptimist!”
Jared & Katie, Connected on Adoptimist

Reviews & Testimonials From Our Users

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"We love the service at Adoptimist. They have been quick to respond and even helped create some custom ads based on our unique situation."

"Adoptimist gave our profile GREAT exposure on a sophisticated website format - better than any other site experience we had!"

"After having our profile up with you guys for a day and a half we were connected!"

"Within two weeks of starting our advertising with Adoptimist, we were connected with our daughter's amazing birth mom."

"Adoptimist has succeeded in making our dreams come true with the adoption of our beautiful daughter."

"We just recently brought our new baby home and are enjoying him each and every minute of each and every day."

"We just found out that the birthmom did originally find us on Adoptimist."

"We spent a lot of time and worked really hard but we couldn’t have done it without your help."

"We are very fortunate and grateful that our daughter's birthmother was able to see just how great we are from the profile that we had posted on Adoptimist."

"We were contacted by our birthmother only days after our Adoptimist profile went up, and three weeks later, we have him in our arms."

"Thank you for your work connecting families. We will recommend Adoptimist to others in the adoption community!"

"After just a few short months of advertising on Adoptimist we were connected with our son's birthmother."

"Thank you Adoptimist for helping us connect!"

"Your site is magic. Don't ever forget it."

"Best website I am on!!! We love Adoptimist!"

"I'd like to share that she found us through Adoptimist... thank you so much for your help with this... we are eternally thankful!"

"We made our connection through Adoptimist and we are with our new baby as we speak!"

"I appreciate all you have helped me with, your customer service is TOP RANKED!"

"We cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled we are with the Adoptimist service. We have recommended it to a bunch of our friends already."

"Adoptimist has by far been the best marketing investment we have made with our adoption campaigns."

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