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Hysun and Kimberly

Fun loving and stable family looking to add a child to our lives.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our family. We have been married for 8 wonderful years. We moved to the Texas Hill Country 5 years ago and we live on a few acres in our dream home. We love it here and we can't imagine living anywhere else.
Hysun works from home in cyber security. He loves his job and the company he works for. He is a perpetual student, always learning something. He is working on his second master's degree.
Kimberly has two children from a previous relationship and home-schools the younger one. She also volunteers with several local animal rescues and raises bottle baby kittens for them. She is also in school taking the last class to finish up her Master's degree.

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Who We Are

On a chilly day in February 2015, I (Kimberly) saw Hysun’s name pop up on an online dating site. I was balancing being a full-time college student, homeschool teacher, single mother, and caregiver for my ill mother. I felt ready to start dating so looking online made sense. I knew as soon as I saw him that I was going to end up marrying him, and I did 5 months later.

I (Hysun) came across a TedTalk describing the unique matching algorithms used for a specific dating site. I was intrigued, so I made an account to see how it worked. The dating site brought up Kimberly’s page - we had a 99% match! After talking back and forth, we quickly hit it off. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love. Two months later, I dressed up as Kim’s favorite doctor (the ninth) from Doctor Who and proposed. I made sure to include a quote from the show that this “would be the trip of a lifetime together.” We had a small wedding with our kids, Caitlyn and Samuel, beside us. It was perfect. Kimberly had Caitlyn and Sam from her previous marriage, but Hysun and the kids have always gotten along like they’ve known each other all their lives. We’ve been a family for eight years, and since then, we’ve both obtained degrees in computer science, co-parent our teenage children, and built a lifestyle that suits our needs! Hysun was right, marriage has been the trip of a lifetime! We go on weekly dinner dates and intentionally take time to go on walks, browse the local bookstore, or talk over coffee together. The life we have built is one of our greatest accomplishments, and we desire to keep building our family through adoption.

Adoption Diary

Our commitment to you, and the child, if chosen.

We know that there is a lot to consider as you work towards making a decision for your child that you feel comfortable with. If you choose our family, here are a few things that we will commit to your child:
• They will get to know their family story, where they came from, and who their birth family is.
• We will do our best to provide a stable life filled with family and fun. We are a very close family, and they would be enveloped right into our lives.
• As we are a blended family of various cultural backgrounds, we recognize the importance of it and we will provide opportunities to learn about the cultural differences and similarities of peoples from around the world.
• They will be provided educational and extracurricular opportunities to best meet their needs and interests.
• They will always be loved and supported as they grow into whoever they are intended to be.
• They will be shown God’s love through both words and actions.
• That we will work together with you (and the child when they are old enough) to establish the level of openness that meets the needs of everyone involved. We want to encourage an open relationship in this adoption for as long as you desire it.
We believe that the child’s mother is as important as the child itself, and that bond which is created by God is one that should be honored. We are looking forward to continued adventures as we expand our family, and we thank you for spending this time with us!

Solar Eclipse

We were lucky enough to be in the path of totality of the solar eclipse. We got to view it from the yard listening to the NASA broadcast. Sam is extremely interested in all things space and his excitement was contagious.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Hysun and Kimberly

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Hysun and Kimberly