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Hey there! We are Laura and Rick! We are a loving couple based on Long Island near New York City who hope to grow our beautiful family through adoption. We are family court certified, home-study approved, and will cover expenses as needed. We have been married for four years and together for over seven. We are both educators who serve underprivileged populations in Queens, NY; Laura is a speech-language pathologist in a middle school and Rick is a STEM teacher in an elementary school.

We live with our beautiful and relaxed rescue dog Alice who Laura has had for 12 years. We both have spent our entire professional careers in service of creating the best lives for the children of New York City, and we’d be honored to be given the opportunity to share the immense amount of love we have to give by welcoming a child into our home.

Our love is one that is based on humor, being absolute best friends, and mutual respect. Our beautiful journey began when we met on in early 2016. Sparks flew through corny jokes, swapping teacher stories, and promises of ice cream dates. After making initial plans to meet up through text message, however, both Laura and Rick never received each other’s subsequent messages. But Laura would not give up on the connection we made! She reached out weeks later to ask if Rick “always enticed girls with ice cream and then disappeared.” Having not gotten her messages, we cleared up that T-Mobile was to blame and we have never been apart ever since. We have lived in Queens and now live on Long Island.

Family, friends, education, empathy, and raising children are the most important parts of life for us. We hope to connect about making this dream a reality!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a beautiful two-story home with three bedrooms, and one and a half bathrooms. We have a spacious fenced in yard with plenty of entertaining and play space. We also have a garden we love to cultivate each year with delicious fruits and vegetables from seed. Our neighborhood is very safe with year round activities, near many parks, malls and museums. We are also very close to New York City and all of its amazing offerings to educate our future babies.


adoptive family photo - Laura As written by Rick:

Laura is the best person whom I have ever met in my life. There is no other way to describe her than that. She is amazingly loving because she makes anyone she loves feel as though they were the first person to be loved by another human. Laura cares for all those who she loves with every fiber of her being making you know how important you are in her life. She is also incredibly selfless to the point where she gives absolutely all of herself to everyone and anyone in her life. The most tangible way that I knew that Laura was the woman I would be with for the rest of my life, the mother of our children, and whom I could love unconditionally no matter what…. was through food. In the six years that we have been together, there has not been a SINGLE meal when she did not save the last bite for me, not one. On a constant basis, Laura is willing to give all of herself to me and everyone around her. She would sacrifice her own happiness and well-being to make anyone around her better off.

In addition, Laura is the best mama to our beautiful dog Alice who she has had for 11 years. Laura rescued Alice from a puppy mill providing her with the most nurturing, caring, and compassionate home a furry baby could hope for. Laura’s relationship with Alice was the first way I knew she would be the most amazing mama to our future children. She is patient, kind, loving, nurturing, and fair. Laura is the best person I know and will make the absolute best mama there ever was to all children who are welcomed into our home.


adoptive family photo - Rick As written by Laura:

There are many wonderful things I will say about my husband that I hope convey how amazing he is. For one, Rick loves to love! He especially loves to love his family, his friends, and his career. If you have Rick in your life, you can be sure you will know how grateful and appreciative he is of the relationship you have with him. Secondly, Rick has a great sense of humor. He especially loves to make corny “dad” jokes. If he makes you laugh, you will see him laughing even harder because your laughter brings him joy. Thirdly, Rick is passionate. He loves to discuss movies, music, history, food, etc. You will never be bored having a conversation with him. Lastly, Rick is an outstanding educator. This is because he loves teaching young minds and he loves children. There is not a week that goes by in the school year where Rick doesn’t come home with little notes and drawings from his students sharing how much they love to have him as their teacher.

In our social lives, anytime we are at an event, you can be sure to see Rick playing games with the children, being silly, and finding a way to teach them something new. Having been blessed to have Rick as my husband, I promise and guarantee that he will be a loving, compassionate, patient, and adoring papa to our children. He will love whole-heartedly, be fair with discipline, and live to love every moment as a father.

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