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Hello From New York!


We are Sean and Michael from Long Island, New York! We're incredibly grateful that you have considered adoption. Finding the perfect fit for your child must be extremely challenging, however, we encourage you to Open our Book and take a deep look as to who WE are. We know you'll be glad you did! You will feel and see the love and passion between us that we want to share with our little one's.

We are a humble, loving couple with 3 dogs, a comfortable and spacious house, that we want our missing puzzle piece's to call HOME. We're beyond excited to become first time dads. We want to show and share our love with our children!

We will do our best to raise our children to be kind and giving them the guidance they need to to grow into mature, loving adults. We promise to be open, to inspire, teach, nurture and to allow them to be creative. We want our children to be all that they can be. We will support and love them unconditionally. We will encourage them to be who THEY WANT TO BE, but never forgetting the importance of love, compassion, empathy & family.

Our children will be loved by a very large extended family. From Grandparents to Aunt’s/Uncle’s and over 15 cousins. They’ll also have the opportunity to learn Spanish from Michael’s side of the family, which we have all intentions of raising our children bilingual.

We hope you continue reading! Sending hugs to you and your baby. We thank you for your consideration.

With Love,

Sean & Michael

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Who We Are

Sean and Michael first started speaking in the Summer of 2010, but it wasn’t until Halloween that year, that they actually met. It must have been love at first site, because Michael never left! We started dating, by January 2011 we started living together. Over the next few years our relationship grew stronger than ever. Getting engaged, becoming uncles, owning a restaurant, traveling across the US and finally marrying in June 2013. Our wedding was small, but intimate. We got married in the Hamptons of Long Island on the water surrounded by friends and family! Wouldn’t change a thing about that day!

As the years grew, so did we! We always spoke from the heart hoping one day to have children of our own. We would love to have Twins but giving love to any child would be a blessing and dream come true.

We always pictured children in our lives! After school, they would have Homework followed by Dance or Sport’s activities. And the weekends would be filled with adventure’s and family fun time.

We always imagined the kids could learn how to ski and tube at Nana & Pop Pop’s House in the Poconos durning the Winter or just learn how to play Piano right here in their own home.

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Sean & Michael

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Sean & Michael