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We're a big family, overflowing with love, looking to grow bigger through adoption (again)!

We understand that adoption is a deeply difficult and personal choice. We pledge to be here for you now and in the future to support you and your child’s relationship at whatever level you desire.

Our large family means there will always be someone to talk to, you can’t be lonely in a house with 8+ people! There are so many opportunities to learn from each other. Our children look out for each other, signing ASL for their older sister, being patient when their middle sister excitedly repeats herself, and teaching our youngest to tie her shoes.

We promise to provide a loving and caring home for your child. We give all our children the lessons, tools, and access to achieve greatness in adulthood. We will raise your child to be loving, kind, and generous - with the knowledge that they have 2 sets of caring parents backing them up.

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Who We Are

Our family is large and overflowing with love. We support each other and grow together. We have been married for 13 years. We met in grade school, dated through highschool and college, and got married shortly after graduating. We have a deep love, respect, and silliness for each other and our children. Together we have 4 biological children and 1 adopted child (through foster care), 3 small dogs, 2 indoor cats, 2 fish tanks, lots of barn cats, chickens, and bees.

We have been foster parents off and on for over 5 years (and are currently licensed) and enjoy welcoming children into our home and working with birth mothers and families. Our parenting philosophy is love, consistency, and natural consequences. We have extensive experience parenting children (our own and foster children) with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Kim is an engineering manager for a tech company and works from home full time. She loves building engineers' careers and working with intelligent people across the globe. Justin has been a stay-at-home dad for 13 years. He loves playing with children, goofing-off, and being there for each of our children. We also live with Kim’s retired father, John. Having 3 adults at home at all times gives our children the stability and freedom to enjoy their home and explore the world.

We are open to adopting a child of any gender, race, or ethnicity. We are open to all levels of communication including letters, photos, and visits. We are open to adopting from any state in the US.

We love and support our children with their individual needs and culture. We both love parenting and our children are ready to welcome a new sibling.

Adoption Diary

Answering the call

We’ve been getting a lot of calls from our foster agency in the past 3 weeks.  Foster homes are filling up and kids need a safe place to stay.  We continue to say yes to placements and wait for the right fit.

This week we got a call about a child with a feeding tube.  Our oldest child has had a feeding tube all her life, so we have become experts.  Our foster agency knows this and we are always the first call when they have a child with a feeding tube needing a placement.

We said yes and are now waiting on the county to pick the best foster home for this child.  On Monday, we may have a complicated kiddo added to our household.  They may only be with us for a few days or forever - that is the unknown about foster care.  Answering the call means we will be there for a child for how ever long they need.

This uncertainty is our driver for seeking a permanent adoption placement.  We know we have the ability and love to have another child in our home forever, we just haven’t found that child.


Individualized education plans.  Big or small, these are written plans that have specific goals and supports for children in their classrooms.  Many children need additional help with reading, speech, writing, or total one-on-one support.

Today I finished what I call “IEP season.”  We have two children with IEPs right now, and they are biiiiiig IEPs.  Luckily this year, we only have the 2.  Most foster children who come to us need an IEP, because the disruptions in their lives have caused them to be behind in educational goals.

Working with teachers, school districts, therapists, and supports can be overwhelming.  It becomes even more challenging when we as parents don’t agree with the school or district’s decisions.  We have had to change schools, advocate for additional supports, and modified plans over and over.

Now that our children with IEPs are older we are starting to make transition plans - what we will do after high school.  We want our children to have plans for what they would like to do after high school, whether that be college, vocational school, work study, or moving directly into the work force.  It is most important that are children are happy.

For now, we have plans for the next year.  Although it can be stressful, advocating for my children will always be a priority.  I want them to be have the best opportunities to learn and grow.  Hopefully I will have a reprieve from writing educational plans, but if we were to get a foster placement that needed support, I would jump through hoops to be sure they are given all the help they need and deserve.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Kim & Justin

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Kim & Justin