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Our Story

We met over 10 years ago at work. From there we formed a great friendship and started dating 7 years ago. We were initially attracted to each other because we have similar values: We both have large families with whom we are close, we both enjoy being active and doing fun things with friends, and we both care about doing things for others who are less fortunate.
After being together 5 years, we got engaged and were married in 2018. We have fun together, we laugh together, but at the same time we keep life simple. The mutual respect and love we have for one another has made being a couple, and partners to one another, very easy.

Our free time is mostly spent together whether it’s gardening in our yard, hiking, or spending time with family and friends. In addition to that we have a passion for travel, sports and concerts. We often take weekend trips to the San Juan Islands, camping in Eastern Washington, or longer trips to California, Arizona, and even Mexico last year.
Thanks to her parents, Kari is an avid music fan and goes to several concerts per year with her girlfriends (she even invites Zack once in a while).
Zack’s first love is sports of all kinds. He grew up playing baseball, basketball and tennis, and took up golf in high school. He still plays sports regularly with his friends and has taught Kari to love the UW Huskies football team as much as he does (well, almost).

Our circle of family and friends has grown as our relationship grew. Both of us are very close with our family, and we have many close friends whom we see regularly. We both have a brother and sister, all whom have kids (8 nieces and nephews between the ages of 2 and 21, we are also excited to meet our ninth niece who will be arriving in July), and they all live close to us, along with our parents. We have a large network of friends who live close and have kids as well, and we get together with them at least a couple times a month as well for various occasions.

We live in Zack's hometown, outside of Seattle. It is a cute city not far from the beach and has everything we need. We spend a lot of time walking around town, enjoying the beaches and parks, restaurants and shops. Our town is our home and we envision living here and raising a family here forever.
A year ago we brought a puppy into our lives. Otev is a labradoodle and is a blast to be around. He has taken to training very well and is very well-behaved. It’s amazing how much he loves people and children of all sorts, he has been nothing but friendly and happy since we got him. In a few years we are going to train him to be a therapy dog and take him to retirement centers so he can lift the spirits of elderly people in our neighborhood.

Our children will be raised in an environment that values education, health, hard-work, community involvement, and fun! We envision our life with children to be one where our children are raised happy and healthy, who are loved and supported, who do their best in school, and who are respectful of those around them and from different cultures.
Our children will be given every opportunity to succeed and will be supported when they fail. They will grow up to be respectful, compassionate and kind adults who contribute positively to their community. Our children will understand that everyone grows up with different stories and backgrounds and those differences are what makes us all unique and special.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home has so much meaning to us.
We took our time in finding our home, as we knew we wanted it to be our "forever" home. We live 4 blocks from Zack’s parents and spent a year remodeling it. We put much love and partnership into our remodel to make it right for us and our future children.
We have a large, fully-fenced yard that we enjoy with friends and family, grow veggies and play with our puppy in.
The inside of our home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an office for Kari...since she works from home 100% of the time. It is ready to bring another addition into our family to grow even more memories with!

About Kari

adoptive family photo - Kari Kari was raised halfway between Seattle and Portland and moved to the Seattle area after high school (where she was the cheer captain!). She has a very successful career that she loves and allows her to work from home.
Kari is fun-loving, kind and quickly becomes friends with everyone she meets. She loves concerts, staying active, and has become a self-trained “expert” in healthy cooking and training our puppy Otev.
She is known by her friends for being positive, caring and has a contagious energy.

About Zack

adoptive family photo - Zack Zack was raised in the same city we live in now. After graduating from the University of Washington, he got a job in finance and has worked hard to grow his career with the same company since 2003. Zack is a kind and funny person who is admired by everyone he knows. He is an avid sports fan. Playing golf, fishing and cheering on the Husky Football Team are among his many hobbies.
He is known by his friends for his great sense of humor and caring spirit.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Zack and Kari

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Zack and Kari