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Unplanned Pregnancy

Adoptimist connects expectant mothers with families who are hoping to adopt. But we also know that you have another very real and legitimate option to consider: parenting. We want you to make the very best and most informed decision, whether that is parenting or placing your child for adoption. We ask that you carefully consider both options in order to make the right decision for you and your baby.

Considering Parenting

Choosing between adoption and parenting A pregnant woman may place her child for adoption without seriously considering parenting. But this can often lead to regrets or "what ifs" later on in life. This is why we urge our members to fully research parenting and consider how it might feel on a personal level before reaching a final decision. Even if you ultimately decide to place your baby for adoption, you can rest assured knowing that you thoroughly researched all of your options.

There are several good ways to learn more about what it is like to parent. Whether online or in person, support is available. Seek out and talk with others like you. If you are going to be a single mother attending high school or college, for example, communicating with other single-mother students can be invaluable. Learn how they make it work. Discover which resources are available in your area. You might also consider communicating with birthmothers to learn about adoption firsthand, from their perspective. Ask both parenting mothers and birthmothers to learn more about the ups and downs of their chosen paths. Find out what they might have done differently and see what advice they can offer. This will give you a clearer and unbiased look at your situation from people who have already been through it.

Here are some helpful parenting resources that can assist you as you consider your options.