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Adoption Resources

Here is a list of some additional resources that may be helpful as you consider adoption or parenting.

Adoption Puzzle
A website for people who are searching for members of their birth family.

BirthMom Buds
Web-based support organization for birthmothers and pregnant women considering adoption. The site includes a mentoring program for pregnant women considering adoption, private forums, and a 24/7 toll-free hotline.

Child Welfare Information Gateway
This government organization website has some great articles on adoption planning for pregnant women who are considering adoption.

Known as an "independent voice for ethical adoptions".

Insight! Open Adoption Resources and Support
Website created by Brenda Romanchik with articles and information for birthparents participating in open adoptions.

This is an excellent site created by author and birthmom, Skye Hardwick. It includes many of her personal articles and poetry as well as submissions by other birthmothers.

PACT Adoption Alliance
Contains many articles about adoption and great information for each triad member.

Planning an Adoption
In this article by Bill Bentzen, many different areas of adoption planning are covered. It's a must read!

Sample Home Study
Here you can view a sample adoption home study. All parents hoping to adopt must complete a home study before they can legally adopt.