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Expectant parent membership on Adoptimist is 100% private and anonymous

Every day, Adoptimist helps women just like you connect with really amazing families from all across the United States. You don't need to become a member to use Adoptimist. You can start viewing Our Families right now and call or send an email to any family that you'd like to meet. But for users who wish to protect their identity, our membership is free, totally private, anonymous, and safe. You don't even have to reveal your email address to the families you contact. Follow, Save, and Privately Message families you are considering. It only takes a minute to join. You can quickly find families in your state. And your privacy and identity is protected 100% at all times.

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Anonymous private messaging. When members sign in and use Adoptimist’s private messaging system, they are identified only be a username. This means that you can contact as many families as you want without ever revealing any personal information. Speak freely and honestly to as many families as you wish.

View and meet local families. Members don't need to connect with a local family. But should you wish, you can sort families to view only those in your local area. 

Like / Follow families. This saves a family to a list so that you can quickly organize and contact your favorites whenever you log in.

Meet Multiple Families. Communicating with several families is often the best way to help users make an informed decision. Adoptimist makes it easy to meet and communicate with multiple families.

Adoptimist works with birthparents and adoptive parents to make connections that lead to adoption.

More Families, More Options

Every type of family is welcome on Adoptimist. So chances are you will find the right family for you and your baby on our site. You can view families of all different religions and ethnicities. From single-parent families to same-sex families, families that have already adopted or families with multiple siblings, you can be sure they can be found on Adoptimist.

Our Pledge To Members Who Are Considering Adoption

• Users who are exploring adoption are legitimate members of the site and are always treated with respect and dignity.

• No one should ever be pressured into an adoption plan. No one should ever feel pressure of any kind on the site.

• Adoptimist members have the right to remain totally anonymous as they use our service.

• Members considering an adoption plan have the right to choose ANY qualified person or couple to parent their child. Adoptimist does not discriminate.

• Members considering adoption have the right to choose their own path, free of influence or interference.

• Members considering adoption have the right to change their mind.

Questions? Need Assistance?

Don't hesitate to email or call us toll-free at 1-877-292-9235. We are always available to help.