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Pregnant And Considering Adoption

Giving up my baby for adoption

You have found yourself on Adoptimist and chances are you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. You may be feeling scared, confused, overwhelmed, sad, and a mix of happiness and awe at the wonder of pregnancy and the life you have created. You have also found yourself considering adoption.

Adoptimist offers assistance to women who are considering adoption and looking for an adoptive family for their baby. Through our website and technologies we try to make this as easy as possible for our users.

As you use our platform to connect with families, please keep in mind that we are not an adoption agency or law firm. We are not medical professionals or counselors and we certainly do not claim to know anything about your personal situation. So you won't find a 24-hour hotline, advice, counseling, or a hidden agenda of any kind on our site. But during what can be a difficult time in your life, our service can help you explore this particular option - meeting good adoptive families - in a pressure and judgment-free way. This means protecting your privacy at all times, never forcing a particular choice upon you, and never subjecting you to any more difficulties or pressure than you might already be facing. 

We understand that not everyone who uses our tools will choose adoption. But if you are interested in meeting families and exploring the idea of adoption, there is no better way to do it than as an Adoptimist member because your privacy will be 100% protected.

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