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A dear friend of mine recently shared a heartwarming sentiment, saying, "You have such a nurturing and loving nature, and patience that never ends." I cherish the qualities passed down from my parents – my mom's warmth and my dad's entrepreneurial spirit. Together, these traits inspired me to establish my own marketing analytics company more than 15 years ago. One incredible aspect of my career is the opportunity to explore the world, something I'm truly passionate about. I adore sun-soaked beaches, where I can dive into the waves and ride my boogie board. My son, Jack, shares my love for adventure and eagerly looks forward to every "swimming beach" trip. When I'm not in the water, I enjoy engaging in various sports, with tennis being a personal favorite. But what brings me the most joy these days is spending time outdoors with my son, Jack, and sharing our love for adventure and play!

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home A few years back I took the long way back to the office after lunch and came across this amazing piece of property: up on a hill overlooking downtown with a waterfall, pond, and park right below it. I couldn’t have picked a better neighborhood; one of my neighbors is a high school classmate. Almost everyone has young children and lots of space to explore in their backyards, it’s in one of the top school districts in the state, and the street ends in a cul-de-sac. My two rescue cats, Tiger and Lilly, are now 15 years old, so they’ve slowed down a bit but haven’t stopped wanting attention and love getting cuddles and pets from my son.


adoptive family photo - Michelle “Spot” was a game my brother and I made up as kids on the long drive out to Denver to visit our cousins. It involved only a mirror and the sun and I’m not sure there was a winner, but we still had a ton of fun. My brother and I were close growing up and remain so today, although now my role has transformed from older sis to “Aunt Shel” to his four young children. My parents and my brother’s family love our annual trip to the beach in California. Last year during our trip, we all had Thanksgiving dinner together at my son’s biological grandparents’ house, a very special event!

My parents moved to my town a few years back and are a daily influence in my son’s life. He is such an important part of their life that they resist going out of town unless we are already planning to be gone and they can’t wait for another little one to love on and see my family grow!

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