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A Day in the Life of Us

Typically we can be found doing almost anything on the weekends.  Before Wyatt, we both loved exploring new places and travelling to new cities. We love an impromptu road trip to take pictures, explore parks, or just spend time with family. Now that we have Wyatt, we enjoy trips to the zoo, water parks, Jenny’s Dad’s swimming pool, or getting together with family who have younger children and letting them play together. One of the best things we’ve enjoyed in our current neighborhood are our new friends who recently adopted a little boy and watching both him and Wyatt play together. Hopefully that will be a friendship that will last a lifetime. Speaking of our neighborhood, we have the friendliest neighbors. Most nights when we are out walking, we always run into someone and enjoy talking to them and catching up. There are a lot of younger children that live near us and it’s a great place for walks and bike rides.

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This diary is for any expectant birth Mom who might want to get to know us a little more. We hope this gives more insight into who we are!

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Jenny & Stacy

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Jenny & Stacy