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A closer look into our relationship with Wyatt’s birth parents

We mentioned in our first entry that we have a semi-open relationship with Wyatt’s birth parents.  They were kind enough to give us their insights as to why they chose us to raise their baby and we wanted to share what they had to say.
“We chose Jenny and Stacy to adopt our baby because we really wanted a better life for him. We read their adoption page, and after talking to them and getting to know them better, we knew for sure he was going to the right place. Now he’s almost 2 years old and every time we see videos and pictures of him, (which they are more than happy to provide us all the time:, he always looks so happy and well taken care of. We have no doubts that he is in the best place where he’ll be happiest. They really are good people who make a good family and we couldn’t be happier for our little boy. He is in the best of hands.”  ~ H & C
We honestly feel as if that’s the best compliment we could ever receive, knowing we are giving Wyatt’s birth parents the peace of mind they deserve to know that their child is being given the best life he can possibly have.

About This Diary

This diary is for any expectant birth Mom who might want to get to know us a little more. We hope this gives more insight into who we are!

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