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To You, Expectant Mom

Hi there, First and foremost, we hope you understand that we want what is best for you and your baby. There will never be any pressure from us to persuade you to choose us.  We want to provide any amount of support to you that we can; whether it’s an ear to listen, potential outreach to help you find the resources you might need in the area you live in, any possible advice we can give, or anything else that might come up on this journey that you’re on. We understand that there are a lot of families who Read more »

Halloween 2023

We have had so much fun this Halloween as a family doing all of the ‘fall things!’  From countless pumpkin patches, tractor rides and pumpkin picking, to dressing up as characters from Toy Story, we have really had a lot of fun this year!  These are fun traditions we only hope continue for years to Read more »

Something from the heart

This journey that you’re on can’t be easy. We won’t pretend to understand exactly what it is you’re going through, but we are certainly empathetic. Through all of the ups and downs of your journey, the only thing that truly matters is that you do what you feel is best for your baby.  The rest will Read more »

Fall Fun in Ohio

This past weekend we took some time to check out our local farmers markets and pumpkin patches to get started on our Halloween decorations. Wyatt loved getting to pick out his own pumpkins! By the end of our trip, we had purchased well over 4 large pumpkins, and 7 little pumpkins for Wyatt to bring home and hand out to his Read more »

What Led Us to Adoption

It’s so interesting the path that people in life take and what leads them to adoption. When we first started on our own adoption path, we never realized the amount of love and gratitude we would develop for so many of the expectant moms out there. To see the amount of strength and love it takes for a parent to give Read more »

A Day in the Life of Us

Typically we can be found doing almost anything on the weekends.  Before Wyatt, we both loved exploring new places and travelling to new cities. We love an impromptu road trip to take pictures, explore parks, or just spend time with family. Now that we have Wyatt, we enjoy trips to the zoo, water parks, Jenny’s Read more »

A closer look into our relationship with Wyatt’s birth parents

We mentioned in our first entry that we have a semi-open relationship with Wyatt’s birth parents.  They were kind enough to give us their insights as to why they chose us to raise their baby and we wanted to share what they had to say. “We chose Jenny and Stacy to adopt our baby because we really wanted a Read more »

Our Adoption Journey

When we first began this journey in 2018, neither of us knew the extent of what we were in for! We were so excited and scared to begin this new adventure together, but ultimately, we were willing to take this risk because we have always wanted to become parents and start our family. Our families were so very supportive Read more »

About This Diary

This diary is for any expectant birth Mom who might want to get to know us a little more. We hope this gives more insight into who we are!

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