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Water Lantern Festival

I felt like I was being placed in a scene from Tangled with all the beautiful lanterns with sweet messages glowing in the water. Messages of hope and love. I pray everyone’s dreams come true. It was such a special night to be a part of. I was speechless staring at the spectacular sight. It was moving to hear some of the stories of others at the Water Lantern Festival. Plus, they were rocking an epic playlist and we had perfect weather. In Asian cultures, it is believed that your ancestors can influence and guide the Read more »

Homemade Dog Treats

Ruff! Ruff! Lots of tail wagging this morning from the pupper as she devoured some homemade dog treats. Wish making human treats was this easy! Read more »


I had a dino-mite time at the Dinosafari! I am just a girl who loves dinosaurs and I was excited to see the animatronic dinosaurs. No parasaurolophus spotted, but there was a pachycephalosaurus. Is there anything cuter than little kids running around pronouncing dinosaur names? My sister and I saw the dinosaurs in the Read more »

Spooky season is upon us

Have you ever gone to the store for one thing and came out like this? Went shopping for a flower pot (that was never actually purchased by the way) and came home with all of this. This is what happens when you go shopping with your sister. ;-)  But look at how awesome this skeleton is! Homegoods is my kryptonite. It has Read more »

Hardcover or ebook?

I much prefer reading a soft cover book. I love running my finger along the creased spine and folding down the pages of my favorite sections. My dream home would include a massive library with shelves up to the ceiling. That said, I’ve become a kindle girl. My kindle and the kindle app are my best friends. They are Read more »

Back to School

This cute little apple rattle was made for my friend who is a teacher and recently had a baby.  Plus, we all live in the Big Apple so it works all around. I was the type of kid who looked forward to going back to school. I know, major nerd alert, LOL. Sending good luck to all the kiddos heading back to school. May it be Read more »

Do you believe in Magic?

Virtual magic night was a smashing success! The awesome kit was filled with interactive activities to participate in during the show. We dimmed the lights in the living room for ambiance and had a little magic party. I love magic tricks and am seriously mindblown whenever they are performed. The only thing that would have Read more »

It’s all in the presentation

My sister is the expert when it comes to wrapping gifts and putting baskets together. She kindly helped me wrap up this care package for our cousin who broke his foot. And by help, I mean she completely did it on her own, but let me take the picture with the gift. Haha! She also created this birthday present for a friends Read more »

Happy Birthday, Jorell!

Birthday season continues with a special shout-out to Jorell. My sister and I joke that Jorell is the third wheel even though he is engaged to my sister. Haha! My sister made an incredible ice cream sandwich birthday cake that I cannot wait to eat again!! We tried a viral French onion pasta for dinner and it was delish. Read more »

Bernadette Adopts Tea Party!

I’ve spent the last five weeks working on this Tea Party CAL (crochet-along). I love being a part of the crochet community where everyone is so creative and talented. I’ve had so much fun seeing how everyone interprets the patterns slightly differently and how amazing they have all come out. Plus, we are from all across Read more »

I’m A Barbie Girl

Fun night playing Barbie Bingo! I was there with all my beautiful ladies: my Mom, Genevieve (my sister), and Cynthia & Kiki (my friends). The only Ken allowed was Cynthia’s 6 month old son, Mikey. Check out his head of hair! We had a blast!!! Plus, Cynthia won a round of bingo that led to a rock, paper, scissors Read more »

Prepping for Operation Christmas Child

Every year we say we are only going to pack a few boxes and then every year we go overboard. My Mom, sister, and I love packing up the shoeboxes full of goodies and necessities to be sent over to children in impoverished nations. So while the drive won’t be held until November, we like to go shopping now while the Read more »

Seven-“Tea” Party

I had such a wonderful time celebrating my Godmother’s 70th Birthday! I think we are starting a new trend, parties that start at 7am. ;-)  Can you tell I come from a family of early birds? Lol. I have to say, I truly enjoyed the early start. I love spending time with my extended family and I especially enjoy my Mom Read more »

Sister Hobby Day!

When you skip your rebellious phase and go straight to old lady hobbies. My sister repotted all her plants and I sat with my yarn crocheting my latest creation. It was some serious quality time together. Genevieve and I may have old lady hobbies, but we will never outgrow our love of teen television shows. :-D Read more »

Chocolate & Cheese? Yes, please!

What is cheese without a cracker? Crackalackin! I had such a blast learning how to make fresh mozzarella and burrata cheese with my Mom and my sister. My sister has been replicating the crostini recipe we learned and all I can say is… delish! We also made some decadent chocolate truffles with a touch of sea salt. I Read more »

Motown Dance Party!!!!

I will never ever tire of being serenaded by The Four Tops and The Temptations. Apologies for such poor picture quality. I was far too busy dancing. My all-time favorite song is Bernadette by the Four Tops and it is such a privilege to hear them sing it live. I swear they are singing it just to me. My Mom and I were out of Read more »

Good Vibes and Tie-Dye

Annual tie-dye day has finally arrived! We were jammin’ to the Spice Girls as we were dying our shirts. Fun fact: My very first concert was the Spice Girls at the beach. It was epic! We started our annual tie-dye day during the pandemic. We needed something fun to do outdoors to keep ourselves sane. Tie-dying always Read more »

FINishing out Shark Week

Wrapping up our Shark Week with some sharktacular crafts. We spent the week educating ourselves with the Discovery Channel and learning all about these fascinating creatures. Not to mention, enjoying some time with our Shark Week host, Jason Momoa **wink, wink**  Did you know Greenland sharks live to 400?! Those shark Read more »

Land Sharks

Look Out! Here come the Land Sharks!!! The doggies wanted to get in on the fun of Shark Week and loved running around the yard in their fins. We tried so hard to get them into the kiddie pool, but they were not having it. It was impossible for me to only pick one picture. Cuteness overload. Read more »


Two notes and you have a villain. Not to worry. This little cutie is nothing like Jaws. In honor of Shark Week, I decided to make this adorable Shark Baby and a mini shark companion for him. I LOVE how he turned out and I am excited to have tried some new crochet techniques. How cool is it that he is a baby dressed as a shark Read more »

Chomp Chomp

Chomping at the bit for the start of Shark Week! Made some shark bite sized snacks to kick off the evening and our shark week celebration. The drink is a mix of blue powerade and sprite as well as some raspberry sharks. Spoiler alert…they look better than they taste! My sister has a dream to go free diving with some sharks. Read more »

They don’t make ‘em like this anymore….

Phil turns 60! What an amazing evening celebrating such a special guy! There is nothing like catching up with friends and watching everyone’s family continue to grow with more children. The playlist now has a few new additions- Let it Go, Baby Shark, and Ten Little Dinosaurs. I think the children are close to Read more »

Teddy Bear Picnic Craft

Part two of Teddy Bear Picnic included a fun surprise from my sister. She surprised us with paint drop bears. It was even more fun than I expected and a completely new craft for all of us to try. We all went in completely different directions and they all came out awesome. I cannot possibly decide which one came out best, but Read more »

Having a beary good time at the Teddy Bear Picnic!

Today marks the start of a new family tradition that is only going to get bigger and bearier. Our first annual Teddy Bear Picnic was a huge success! We grabbed our beloved teddies and set out on a day full of games, crafts, and treats. Our bear menu included honeycomb chocolate pudding pies, bears at the beach blue raspberry Read more »

Aim for the brain!!!!

Team Bernadette Adopts takes on the Zombie Apocalypse at Sandbox VR. This incredible virtual reality experience was the most fun I have had in a while. It was almost like The Last of Us actually came to life. I think one of my new favorite things is kicking zombie butt. We had so much fun we even tried another game that was Read more »

Mulan’s 25th Anniversary

I was so excited to celebrate 25 years of Mulan! My Mom, sister, and I set up a delicious snack tray and may have snuck a few treats to the dogs. Mulan was a family favorite growing up and it arguably has one of the best soundtracks out of all the classic Disney movies. Come on! Tell me those songs don’t pump you up! I Read more »

DIY 4th of July!

What a fun day off from work celebrating with my favorites! We all decided to get a little crafty today. I am excited to present my crochet American Eagle and Uncle Sam Hat accessory. I love how he turned out, but I am even more impressed with how my sister staged my Eagle for the photo op! My Mom made me the amazing deco Read more »

Cheers to 30 Years!

Happy Birthday, Marcin! One of my favorite things about my friend Marcin is how animated his expressions are. He gives you his undivided attention any time you are talking to him and that can be pretty rare these days. Shout out to Jenna for bringing such a kind person into our fold! We drove upstate to surprise Marcin for Read more »

Kindle Challenge!

I love the Kindle Reading Challenges! I just completed the Spring Reading Challenge and I am already excited for the release of the Summer Challenge. What I love about the Kindle Reading Challenges are that they always push me out of my comfort zone. For example, this time around I read a comic book (The Amazing Spider-Man) Read more »

Comfort Care Cases

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to pack some comfort care cases for foster children. I am hoping to make a difference in any small way I can. I know that it is up to us to support our community and our youth. The founder of Comfort Cases, Rob Scheer, has such an inspirational story and it was amazing to hear him Read more »

Ain’t no party like a Zeus Party!

What a joy to celebrate Zeus’ 11th birthday! Zeus is such a good boy and such a happy boy. We asked him what type of party he wanted with suggestions ranging from a Top Gun Party to an Aladdin Party to a Mozzarella Cheese Party. But Zeus was positive he wanted a The Sims party. My sister was obsessed with that game growing Read more »


HYPROV: Improv under hypnosis. Mixing hypnotism and improv comedy leads to a night of so much laughter my cheeks are still hurting. I cannot believe some of the crazy things the participants did including performing a scene in slo-mo, switching into western accents, and solving a worldwide pancake shortage. I give credit to Read more »

Father’s Day

Shout out post to my Dad in his signature muscle shirt! *laughing emoji* Though, I am not one to talk…check out my uncoordinated cheetah print shorts *embarrassed face* He is not the biggest fan of pictures, but he is a very big fan of bundt cake. Who doesn’t love cake? I know he would rather be out fishing on the Read more »

Tai Chi

Have you ever seen those wise elderly people on the lawn of a park, completely in sync, looking so peaceful practicing Tai Chi? I wanted to have that. I wanted to know what it felt like to just slow down and find peace. So I signed up for a semester of Tai Chi and fell in love with the practice.  I have an amazing Read more »

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