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Large Family Love!

"We are Davidsons. We love God, we love others, and we love each other -- A LOT!" This is our family motto, and we recite it frequently -- and loudly.

We feel strongly that God has in mind a special child He would like to bring into our family through adoption. We are looking for a birth mom who envisions a large family for her baby, and feels that we are the right fit.

We realize it might be a bit different, due to our family size. But our entire crew is overjoyed about the idea of adding to our family through adoption. Over the years we have seen that with the addition of each new sibling, love doesn't get divided, but rather multiplied.

Thank you so much for reading about us, and for considering our family for your child. We have so much respect for your journey, and will be praying for God’s wisdom as you proceed.

The Davidsons

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Who We Are

We have been happily married for 14 years. We met at the local non-profit organization where John still works.

Daily Life:
You might wonder how daily living works in a large family. Life is busy around here, but never too busy to stop and focus on what really matters. We work hard to integrate the interests of each child with the needs of the family as a whole. While no family is perfect, we can confidently say we have a harmonious and organized household.

We are a musical family (except for John!) and all of us love singing and playing instruments in our church and homeschool. We also enjoy family walks, traveling to interesting places, playing games together, and watching movies. In the Spring each child may choose a sport if they wish. During the Summer they participate in fun local day camps. Emily is also passionate about natural foods and remedies. She cooks healthy, organic meals for the family most of the time. A favorite is taco salad!

Our oldest, Elie (12), is a sweet, old-fashioned girl. She enjoys crocheting, writing, and spending time in nature. Penny (11) is our spunky cheerleader. She is athletic and likes telling jokes. Cara (9), is our soft-spoken peacemaker. She is an expert at fixing things and loves drawing. Tommy (7) is a kind and helpful boy. He spends time fishing in our backyard creek and making paper airplanes. Starling (5) is our (LOUD) family spokesman! He enjoys matchbox cars and takes great pride in being a big brother. Ari (2) loves baby dolls and shoes. She is shy around strangers, but sassy amongst family! Arti (2) is into Duplos...and food! He trembles when he is excited, which is pretty much all the time. We also have two furry family members: Colby (a goofy doodle mix) and Whiskers (a sweet tuxedo cat.) We love how God made each child to be so different and unique! We anticipate rejoicing in the special personality differences of any adoptive child, in addition to his or her unique racial or cultural background. We embrace and celebrate God’s diversity and creativity!

Adoption Diary

Birth Mom’s Peace

John 14:27 is my favorite bible verse. God used it to help me become a Christian and has brought it back to me many times over the course of my life.

As we walk this adoption journey, one thought that keeps returning is how important it is that a birth mom feel pace that we are the right fit. Many birth moms understandably choose infertile couples for their baby, which is a beautiful choice. But every person is different, and we know birth moms envision all kinds of different families.

We want to wait patiently for that person who feels a connection with us, and feels peace and joy envisioning her child with many siblings.

We have so much respect for your journey. We know it isn’t easy, but we will be praying for God’s peace and wisdom as you proceed.

County Fair

This year we volunteered to help out at our county’s Department of Family Services booth. After serving we went and had a great time on the rides. We love going places together, and serving together as a family.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


John & Emily

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John & Emily