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We want to share a bit about ourselves with you. We both met back in 2010 through a mutual friend when we all had lunch together at a small Chinese restaurant near us. We all played the same video game and started playing together. Over the next year we became very close. We celebrated birthdays together, spent holidays together and, when Brittany realized that Keith was too shy to ask himself, she asked him out almost a year later in 2011. We became inseparable after that. In 2015 we bought our first home together and in 2017 we both married the love of our lives. Our 10+ years together have been spent traveling, walking through parks, hiking mountains, enjoying relaxing evenings, and overall building a home together for our future family. We’ve made many new memories along the way and have been through everything together, from the loss of Keith’s grandparents to the celebration of new careers and Brittany earning her master’s degree. We’ve created a loving life together that has been spent encouraging, motivating, and supporting each other through the highs and lows.

Throughout our journey we’ve discovered ourselves, built a beautiful relationship together, and uncovered more shared passions. One of those shared passions we’ve discovered is travel. This is a joy that we want to share with our children to allow them to see the world and experience everything they can. There will be trips to Disney World, to national parks and beaches, even to places like Italy and Japan. We want to share our love of travel by allowing our children to see these new places with us and to foster a sense of excitement and wonder in them. The world is such a large place and we want to encourage our children to see new things and to believe that they can be anyone they want to be and do anything they want to do.

We’ve also built a supportive community around us. At every step of the way they have encouraged us, supported us, and celebrated our milestones with us. We’re both very lucky to have amazing families that are always there to lend us an ear and provide guidance. Keith’s parents live close to us and are always around to help out, whether it’s house sitting or helping with house projects. We also have cousins who live close by and friends that come over to hang out with us on the weekends. Our family and friends are extremely important to us and we know that they will provide a loving support system to our children going forward.

We cannot possibly begin to imagine how difficult this decision is for you and we sincerely want, above all else, for you to feel that you have made the best possible decision in choosing us to help raise your child. We want to assure you that your child will be raised in a loving, supportive home that always puts their needs first and focuses on their development. We hope that your vision for your child’s future matches the life we want to create for your child. We want you to know that both you and your child will always be loved and wish you strength and courage in the decisions to come. We both sincerely thank you for considering us in making such an important decision in your life.

With love,
Brittany and Keith.

We are currently working with Adoption Network and can be contacted via our page:

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We both lived together for a few years before deciding to get a house together that we could make into our home. In 2015 we got very lucky and found our perfect home together on a quiet dead end street. Our neighborhood has been one of the best parts of our home. All the houses on our street are newer and were built about 30 years ago. Often our neighbors can be seen walking or biking up the street, many with small children. We’re also very close with our neighbors and they often come over to swim or invite us to holiday parties. Our next door neighbor next door has two young grandchildren, who are 5 and 2 years old, who come over to swim in our pool often. We would love to be able to host birthday parties and pool parties with the kids in the neighborhood one day.

Our home is a 4 bedroom, three story house. We have plenty of room for children and look forward to a time when we have a house filled with small footsteps and laughter. We have a large pool out back along with a multi level deck that we host BBQ’s from in the summer. Our basement has become our gaming space and is filled with board games, puzzles, and fun. We’d love to keep our basement as a fun area for our future children and can imagine it filled with kids games and forts one day.

We’ve both been very fortunate to find the perfect home in a supportive neighborhood and we can’t wait to share that home with our future children.


adoptive family photo - Brittany About Brittany, by Keith: I still don’t know how I was lucky enough to meet and marry Brittany. Ever since we started dating, I’ve been in awe at her passion, drive, humor, and practicality. I can count on her to tell when I’m upset and to lighten the mood, where she stays more level-headed than most people I know. When she is passionate about a project, it makes myself and others interested in it too. Planning our wedding and honeymoon was the first big project where I got to see her in action, and I was excited to help and be part of it. I’m lucky to have someone I truly understand and that understands me. I really don’t know how to sum up such an amazing person in a paragraph, but Brittany is the love of my life and I’ve become a much better person by being with her. She will be an amazing, loving, and supportive mom.


adoptive family photo - Keith About Keith, by Brittany: For the past 12 years Keith has been my rock, my guiding star, and the Romeo to my Juilet. Keith is naturally charismatic, a trait he got from his father, and has always been able to bring a smile to my face even in the darkest situations. I’ve relied on him in countless situations, from navigating us around in a foreign country after we got lost to talking me down when frustrating things pop up, and in turn he has motivated and encouraged me to be the best version of myself. He’s always been able to inspire others easily and it was his support that encouraged me to earn my master’s degree and make a career for myself that provides for our family.

There’s not enough time or room to type all the good things about Keith that helped me fall in love with him, but know that he’s patient, kind, and will be the best father to his children that anyone could ever ask for.

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