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Our Story

We met in January of 2010 with our first date in a small San Francisco restaurant. We both knew pretty quickly
after that first date that we could stop searching for a partner. After about 6 months we moved in together into a small studio apartment in the Mission district of San Francisco, and in 2011 we bought our first home together. In the summer of 2016, we traveled to Italy and Greece and while there Jeff managed one of the most romantic proposals ever on a Santorini cliff side at sunset. We had an amazing wedding in April of 2017 surrounded by friends and family and celebrated our love and commitment to one another. In the fall of 2018, we bought a new home in the suburbs of Sacramento; a beautiful home perfect for raising a family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is a warm and welcoming 3-bedroom house in the suburbs of Sacramento. It is the perfect home to start our family with a bedroom next to ours all ready to become the nursery, and a bedroom down the hall perfect for visiting grandparents. It is here that we’ll welcome our little one, where Mike will experience being a stay-at-home dad, where our baby will learn to crawl, where they’ll take their first steps. We love to cook together and make a point of having dinner at the table together every night, a tradition we will keep with our child. We love hosting Thanksgiving with our extended families and all the love that brings. With plenty of room to laugh and play, and full of enough love to last a lifetime, we can’t wait to start a family inside this home.

Mike (Written by Jeff)

adoptive family photo - Mike (Written by Jeff) When I met Mike for the first time, I noticed how sweet and caring he is. He honestly cares and loves those around him and this shows in the way he interacts with his students as a high school band teacher.

Mike loves to travel and that’s something that he’s inspired in me. Thanks to Mike, we’ve traveled more than I would have on my own. He’s always wanted a family, something we have in common. I can just imagine how wonderful it will be to come home and find Mike, a stay-at-home dad, sitting on the floor and playing with our little one! Mike is my rock. He reminds me not to be so serious and has taught me a lot about enjoying life, friends, and family. I imagine he will do the same as my co-parenting partner.

Jeff (Written by Mike)

adoptive family photo - Jeff (Written by Mike) Jeff has been my best friend, my greatest joy, and my biggest supporter since we met 12 years ago. I cannot imagine my life without him now. Jeff doesn’t do anything on a whim and thinks through almost every detail of every decision. That is why I never hesitated when he asked me to marry him and why I know he means it when he says “let’s start a family.” Our kid is going to feel so much love and support throughout their life and Jeff is going to make the most amazing daddy. Even though I will be the stay-at-home parent in our family, Jeff has a lot of flexibility with his job and I know he’ll be around showing our child his love constantly. He is going to be the type of dad that is very hands on; the type of dad that takes our kids outside to play catch or fly kites every chance he gets and will tuck in our little one and read a bedtime story every night.

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Jeff and Mike

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Jeff and Mike