April: Looking for a Miracle

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Why can’t adoption be easier for the common person?

Trying to muddle through affordable adoption is really difficult.  For loving future parents who make an average salary, they don’t have the money to adopt through big agencies, especially when you’re single like me.  I hired an adoption consultant after checking into some of their clients who were successful with adoptions.  No complaints from anyone, even some who had not adopted yet. Speed ahead a few months and they temporarily shut down (Covid 19 reasons?).  Their website, mobile app, Facebook page etc. all gone.  They are still communicating via email and people say they had success with them.  They are saying some disgruntled clients reported complaints which has caused some halts and investigation. I don’t know what to think.  It’s things like this that make so many people scared to adopt.  Why can’t it be easier and more affordable for the ordinary person/family?

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Today, I was reminded to trust God. I realize that somewhere out in the world, there is a mother who is carrying my future child. She's probably scared and devastated that she has decisions to make that she's not ready for. She needs a support. And I am here... waiting.... praying. I can post my profile a million times, I can search and search the internet for ways to adopt, but in the end what I need is God to bring us together. He can lead her to my profile in the smallest corner of the internet. He can put one person in her path that knows of my situation. He can match us up so that both of our prayers are answered in a fraction of a second. So why am I putting all my trust in cites, pages, agencies, and my own doing. Why am I not sitting back allowing peace to flood my soul, knowing that my God is already working to take care of us both? The simple answer is, I don't know. So today, I am choosing to trust God to match me!

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April: Looking for a Miracle

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April: Looking for a Miracle