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We pray our life’s purpose brings us closer to you and your baby and that we will all take part in a miracle together!

Hi! We are Maria and Themi. Thank you for taking the opportunity to get to know us. We want to start by saying thank you. Thank you for making the courageous, selfless decision in allowing God to create a new life. You are truly part of a miracle. You are not only extraordinarily brave but you are also demonstrating true love by considering adoption, which takes great mental, emotional, spiritual and physical strength. We admire and have great respect for you. If you select us as adoptive parents, your child will be so loved and blessed. Your baby will grow up knowing his or her life story, the sacrifices that you made and how deeply you love him or her. There is a saying that in this life, there is an "invisible thread" that connects all those who are destined to meet. We truly believe this. What you are going through is part of your journey and ours as well. We pray the God will guide your heart and mind during this process and help you make the right decision. Hopefully, our words and photos will help you decide if we are the family you are looking for and if our "invisible heart strings" will forever be connected.

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In the Spring of 2013, the good Lord brought us together. Maria's friend of 20 years and my sister, were both on a mission to annoy each of us until we finally agreed to meet. It's a good thing they didn't give up because our first date lasted 8 hours! Brunch turned into lunch, lunch turned into going for a long walk with Grace, which turned into another couple of hours of talking on a park bench. We both knew it was going to be something special. In December of 2015 we got married. It was a beautiful day and it still makes us smile just thinking about it. That same friend that helped introduce us became our "Koumbara" and her husbandour "Koumbaro." So, now they are a part of our very large, loud, loving, Greek family!

On the weekends we love to be outdoors as much as possible. We take our Gracie to the beautiful parks around here; we work on our landscaping and our garden. We grow so many fruits and vegetables each season that we have plenty for our family, friends and neighbors. Maria is really good about canning and freezing, so that we have plenty of our home grown produce all winter long. Growing our own food when possible, is important to us especially because we are passionate about cooking and knowing where our food comes from. If the weather is warm enough we try to get some R&R time and enjoy our pool. We also have a country home that we love to get away to. It's surrounded by nature and animals which aside from children, are our favorite gifts to be around. It is peaceful and gives us time to reconnect with what is important. We like going on hikes and visiting the farm for fresh, locally grown ingredients to prepare delicious and nutritious home cooked meals.

Traveling and Exploring
Since early in relationship, we loved to travel and explore new destinations. We have been lucky enough to experience places like England, France, Scotland and the Netherlands. We have been to several places in Italy such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento and Positano. The more tropical, beach vacations we have been on likes Turks and Caicos and Dominican Republic, tented to be the more relaxing ones. We have also been to Canada to see the beautiful Niagara Falls and have enjoyed skiing in Vermont. Themi enjoyed the skiing part more than I did but I tried my best! Of all the places we have been and all the places we have still yet to see, Greece is where our roots and loved ones are. It's a beautiful country with beautiful people and we can't wait to go back with little ones in our arms. We always look forward to future travels but for now, we are more focused on growing our family and enjoying things that are closer to home. In time, we will be visiting more kid friendly places with our little love(s).

Our Family
We both come from very large, loud, loving, close knit families. We have strong bonds with our siblings and are very involved in their children's lives. We have never missed a birthday, Boy Scout ceremony and we try to make as many school events as possible. We get together every couple of weekends for dinner. We have been by one another's side through the wonderful times and in life's difficult ones. Our parents and siblings are a huge support system for us. We all have a great deal of love, respect and understanding for one another. We try to work out all family matters and responsibilities as fairly as possible. In addition to having an awesome and supportive family we have the best group of friends anybody could ask for. We try to surround ourselves only with people that are uplifting, positive, genuine and humble. Everyone is so excited about our journey and can't wait to meet the new member of our family. We can't wait either!

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