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When we met on a magical night in San Francisco, we never thought this would be our destiny. Never expecting to see each other again because of the distance between us, we exchanged information and went our separate ways. However, the connection between us was so strong that within months we were flying to see each other every month, then every 3 weeks, then every 2 weeks, then every weekend. Inevitably, Aletha made the decision to move to Southern California and so our life began together.

We are a fun-loving couple who enjoys everything that life has to offer. We have been married 14 years and have made the most of those years; creating a beautiful home, surrounding ourselves with quality friends, traveling and creating the life we have always dreamed of.

Traditions are a big thing in our home and Aletha makes the most of every holiday and plans celebrations around so many life events. Christmas Eve was always celebrated at Bob’s brother’s home until we took over the tradition 5 years ago. With our large inviting house and Aletha’s love of entertaining, it will continue to be an ongoing tradition. Christmas morning has always meant homemade cinnamon rolls, omelets, hot chocolate and of course opening all the presents with the boys. Fourth of July is always spent with good friends, games and great food along with St Patrick’s Day, Easter Brunch, our annual Yosemite camping many traditions and yet more to be made.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Several years ago we were fortunate enough to purchase a brand new home in the Corona Hills close to great schools, parks and shopping. Our home is located just 24 miles from Disneyland and within an hour from both the mountains and the beach. We have done so many projects and with Aletha's hobby and passion being home decorating, she has truly made a home out of this beautiful house.

With 4000 square feet nestled atop a hill with beautiful views, we have enough rooms to allow Aletha to have a home office where she works from home and a second master bedroom awaiting the arrival of baby. We have wonderful neighbors with children of their own and 2 neighborhood parks. We spend many evenings and weekends in our backyard sitting around the fire pit barbecuing and enjoying the sunset.


adoptive family photo - Bob People often ask why I moved from Northern California to Southern California and my answer is always "Bob". My husband is a very hardworking, selfless man who has always put family first. He is such a kind soul who loves working out, nutrition, traveling, quiet evenings in front of our fire pit and keeping up on current events.


adoptive family photo - Aletha Aletha comes from a fairly small family. Adopted at birth to a loving couple who could not have children of their own, she was raised as an only child with 3 grown half brothers already out of the house. Losing her dad at 11, made her desire to create a family even stronger.

Having traveled extensively, built her own company, created the home she loves and finding her soulmate for life has fulfilled her in so many ways. The only thing missing is a child to love and nurture.

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Aletha & Bob

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Aletha & Bob