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Our Story

Brandy and I have been married for 11 years, and together for 12. Our love was instant, we both knew this was something special. I knew I wanted to marry her within two weeks of knowing her, there isn't a doubt in my mind she's my person.

We are lucky enough to be able to travel twice a year, through my company, which we are so excited to share with our future child. We have traveled to some of the most amazing places, like New Zealand, and Spain. These are once in a lifetime trips that will be a part of our family for the rest of my career.

We are most excited to be bringing My mom on her first trip to Europe to see Italy. Sharing these magical journeys with our family is everything to us.

"You are the most loving, accepting people and the most inspiring couple I've ever met." -Rae (friend from our Wedding)

Even though our journey to get to this space has been hard, I feel nothing is ever lost if we learn something from it. I feel like the years of struggling with fertility have brought us so much closer together as a couple. I know it has deepened our love and understanding, and better prepared us to be parents. We are so grateful for everything we have in our lives.

"In the middle of the chaos, there was you. The one who gave me strength. The one who always feels like coming home."

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We are lucky enough to have found our home, nestled away in nature, but still close enough to town to have a 10 min commute. It is a gorgeous craftsman home with a nursery we have slowly filled over the years of hoping to become parents. We live on 5 acres and spend most of the time outside sprucing it up. The stunning trees that line our back yard are one of our favorite things to look at, it's our own little oasis, a beautiful and safe place for everyone to explore. Our next door neighbors are incredible humans, he is a firefighter and she was an EMT, they have two little ones that know us as Aunt Brandy and Aunt Whitney. We have gardens we share, as well as a big round driveway that their children ride their bikes on.

With all the places we have been, we always love coming home.

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About Whitney

adoptive family photo - Whitney Whitney by Brandy:

My light is my wife Whitney. Twelve years ago I got to marry my best friend. Whenever someone asks me what is my favorite thing about her, my answer is always: "You need meet her, see her smile, hear her giggle, and you too will fall in love with her" Whitney is strong, compassionate, and has a pure heart. She challenges me to see beyond what I think I am capable of and drives me to keep pushing my own self growth and awareness. She values love and connection, which is a big part of why we have such a great community of friends. Our friends children light her up in a way nothing else does and I am so excited to experience that joy in raising a child with her.

About Brandy

adoptive family photo - Brandy Brandy by Whitney:

Brandy's life has been filled with both love and heartache, with the passing of family and friends, it's taught her how precious life is and that our time is not guaranteed.
Brandy is one of the kindest people I know. She has a huge heart, especially for the elderly and animals. She is constantly encouraging me to be a more generous person, she is so creative, and her ideas always inspire joy. One of my favorite things is to watch Brandy play with the kids next door, she becomes a kid herself and can make the most mundane activity come alive. They just love her, and it’s one of the reasons I know she will be a great mom.

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Brandy & Whitney

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