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My Story

I am at a very stable period of my life when I have the means to support a child both emotionally and financially. I’ve always wanted to have a child, and doing this as a single woman is something that I’ve thought about for a long time. I’ve tried IVF without success but have always had adoption in my heart as something that seemed like the perfect fit. I want a child of my own and there is a child out there that needs someone like me.

My nieces, nephews and my friends’ children look at me as their “second Mom” and I believe I was able to love and support them to make them feel this way because I could focus on them without any other distractions. Now it’s time that I shift that focus to a child of my own. Every person deserves to be loved and nurtured so that they can grow into the best they can be. I believe I’ve done that for every child that’s been in my life, and I very much want to continue to do that for a child of my own.

I hope I get to meet you so you can see that I am a genuine person who is missing this piece in her heart. I have a lot of love to give, and thank you for considering me to be the one who can give all of that love to your child.

I have a close relationship with my family, and we are always together for holidays, birthdays, and any special occasions. I speak to my parents regularly, and they have been huge influencers in my life. My Dad has always made me feel safe, secure and loved. My Mom is the most caring person I know, and for my entire life I’ve wanted to be like her. She is selfless, generous and kind. Both of my parents are affectionate, giving people. They were both born in Croatia and came to the US in their late teens/early 20’s. We incorporate Croatian food and traditions in our lives, especially during the holidays.

I have two sisters. My oldest sister, Nancy, lives 15 minutes away from me, and we spend time together often. We go shopping together, go to the movies and go out for lunches and dinners. My middle sister, Lilly, lives in Virginia. Although she lives far from us, we see her a few times a year. I love the road trips with my family to visit her…half of the fun is just getting there!

We have always been a close and active family, and I have great memories of my childhood. I grew up going skiing every winter and going camping and boating all summer. We took road trips up and down the east coast, and made sure that on any given day, we made time to sit at the dinner table together. We are still close, taking vacations together and spending holidays and special occasions as a family. I imagine a child fitting right into our family, and I want to provide that child with the same warm, loving experiences that I had as a child.

We have a family reunion every summer near my sister’s house at a lake in Virginia, where we rent a boat, have picnics, swim and tube. Evenings at the lake are filled with having home-cooked meals together, going out for ice cream and playing games until we can’t stay up any later. I dream about having a child of my own being part of this family event year after year. My niece’s and nephew’s children bring so much laughter and fun to the family, and I imagine my child playing alongside them and bringing the same smiles and warmth to our lives.

Every year during the holidays, I have a party at my house for my extended family, including my parents, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, etc. We share our favorite traditional Croatian meals, and FaceTime with my aunt, uncle and cousins who live in Croatia so we all feel as if we are together. It’s something my entire family looks forward to attending every year, and it’s always a full day of reminiscing, playing games and eating home-cooked food until we can’t eat any more…we always joke that we make more desserts than there are people!

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home I live in Northern New Jersey -- on a cul-de-sac in a community of townhouses. It’s a very quiet neighborhood with great schools, and I live just down the road from the pre-K, Elementary, Middle and High schools, as well as the Public Library. My community has walking paths, a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and a game room. I’m very happy in my home, and I am very much looking forward to opening my home to a child. I enjoy planting flowers in the Spring and decorating for all of the holidays. I can imagine a child there with me, picking the flowers to plant and the decorations to hang

About Mary

adoptive family photo - Mary My oldest niece, Renae, lives in Virginia, is married to Sean and has two stepsons, Mason and Jackson. She has grown into a strong, responsible young woman who works in the IT field while taking care of her husband and two young children.
Renae talks about being Mary’s niece:
“My Aunt Mary has so many qualities that would make her a great parent! I remember going to her house with my brother and cousins, and she always had a loving and patient attitude, even with all of us crazy kids running around!”

My oldest nephew, Evan, lives in Virginia, is married to Chelsey and has two children, Kyle and Callie. Evan is an amazing photographer and makes me laugh all the time. He is also very ambitious, and just started his own business taking family portraits…he has an amazing talent to get kids to smile and be silly in all of the pictures he takes!

Evan talks about being Mary’s nephew:
“I have so many great memories with my Aunt Mary! I remember going to carnivals until it got dark outside and her winning us prizes from the carnival games. I remember playing video games and watching movies at her house with my sister and cousins. Aunt Mary took me to New York City for my first time ever with my girlfriend, who is now my wife! Aunt Mary even wrote a BEAUTIFUL speech at my wedding that had half of the room in tears! I remember the silly inside jokes we’ve kept throughout the years…I know Aunt Mary laughed aloud when she read that! I also know that my Aunt Mary will be a wonderful parent because of how caring she has been to me and the whole family for my entire life. I love my Aunt Mary, and I can’t wait to make some new memories with her!”

My nephew, Peter, lives in New Jersey, just got engaged to Anna, and we are all thrilled! Peter works as a Recruiter, which suits him perfectly since he is one of those guys that gets along with everyone. He has a warm heart and will do anything for those that he loves.

Peter talks about being Mary’s nephew:
“Growing up, spending time with Aunt Mary was always something I looked forward to (and still do for the record). Whether it was going to Yankees games, watching movies, or just going over her house for pizza, she always made time for me, my sister, and my cousins. As someone who grew up around her, I would say I have a pretty good assessment of what she would be like as a parent. She is going to be an amazing mother!”

My niece, Lucia, is also my Goddaughter, and I love how we are so close. She lives in New Jersey, recently graduated from college and loves to work with children…they are all just drawn to her! She works as an Instructor at a gym for kids, and her dream is open her own fitness studio for children, teaching them about living a healthy lifestyle. Lucia is sweet, kind, and she always makes me laugh!

Lucia talks about being Mary’s niece:
“My Aunt Mary has always been like a second mom to me and helped shape me into the woman I am today. Growing up, she would always take us out, play games with us, and we had a lot of movie nights and sleepovers that were always a blast. These are memories I cherish. I know for a fact she will be an amazing mom and is really going to make a difference in your child’s life, help them reach their full potential, and help them succeed in life just like she did with me.”

About Mary

adoptive family photo - Mary I believe it’s important for a child to have male influences in his or her life. As a single woman who would love to raise a child, I have spoken to the men in my life that I admire. They have each made a commitment to support this child.

My Dad is over the moon at the opportunity for me to adopt a child. I’ve always had a special relationship with my Dad. Being the youngest daughter, he always gave me the confidence to be independent and not feel like the baby of the family. He worked hard and taught me to be financially responsible.

Mary’s Dad talks about her choice to adopt:
“My daughter is the one who takes care of our family, and I cannot wait for her to have her own child. I will be there to support her and her child, just as I have with my other grandchildren, teaching them about responsibility, self-respect and our family values and traditions.”

My sister’s husband, Denis, lives close to me and I admire his strong work ethic, faith and traditional family values. He is a true family man that has a big heart and is one of the most responsible people I know.

Denis talks about Mary’s choice to adopt:
“Mary is the favorite aunt for every niece and nephew in our family, and I fully support her dream of adoption. I look forward to sharing my love of the outdoors with a new niece or nephew, especially canoeing and camping. I also loved reading stories to my own children and helping them with schoolwork, and I plan to do the same with a child that Mary brings to our family. My wife and I will be there to support Mary in every way we can to make her child’s life fulfilling, well-rounded and filled with love.

Denis’s son (my nephew, Peter) shares those values and is also a fun, witty, health-conscience young man. I admire his ambition to do well in life, to be a good son, a good friend and soon to be a great husband.

Peter talks about his Aunt Mary’s choice to adopt:
“I cannot wait to be there to love, support, and care for my aunt's child. She has been such an amazing influence on my life and has a played a big role in developing me into the person I have become. She inspires me so much, that she was my Confirmation Sponsor. I think after all this time, it would only be right to return the favor and instill the same values in her child that she instilled in me growing up.”

My close friend, Rich, has raised three children of his own, and I admire the guidance and support he consistently shows to his children. He always puts them first and is a very caring, generous man. I can rely on him for anything -- whether I need my faucet fixed or some advice on something challenging that life has thrown my way -- I know he will be there for me.

Rich talks about Mary’s choice to adopt:
“Mary has been a close friend of our family for over 20 years, and I have seen how she is a happier person when there are children around. My own children always want her to join us on vacations, during holidays or even just to hang around our home playing games and making family dinners. They love her fun spirit and trusted her enough to teach them how to ski, which takes a lot of patience and encouragement. I fully support her decision to adopt and look forward to being a male influence in her child’s life. I enjoy fishing, working on projects around the house and listening to music, and I am excited to share my love of these things with a child that Mary brings into her life.”

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