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Marnie’s Reference

(Photo: Alan with Marnie’s son) Here’s another reference from a friend: Please describe how they act towards children: They are excited to spend time with our children! They speak to them respectfully, ask them questions about their interests, and plan activities for them (hikes, art projects, cooking). They support our decisions and ideas about raising our kids. Would you leave your own children with this couple? Yes! We have already done so. We have never worried about their safety and well-being - either emotionally or Read more »

Lauren & Jay’s Reference

Some expectant mothers might like to know about what our friends say about us as parents, so we are sharing one of our references here from our friends Lauren & Jay. Please describe how they act towards children: Kristina and Alan love children. We have a ten month old and it is a genuine pleasure to see them interact with him. Kristina Read more »

We’re now on Facebook!

We just created a Facebook page for our adoption journey. Follow us and send us a message! You can find us here: http://facebook.com/akadopt Read more »

❄️ Holiday Pop Up Shop ❄️

Yesterday, Kristina opened her holiday pop up shop featuring really beautiful kids books. She has always been a book person, but now she is drawn to the stories for younger readers as we prepare our home for our future kiddo(s). Each book opens our hearts and minds into a world of imagination and wonder. Read more »

–Tea & Tissues–

Since we came back from Hawaii, both of us have been FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER but Kristina was put flat out and had to cancel everything this week. She has been surviving on a “diet” of TEA & TISSUES and spending a lot of time with our cats. Because we had a great time in Hawaii last week, we are really missing LA VIDA ALOHA. Read more »


After a really BEAUTIFUL VACATION IN HAWAII, we are back at home. We are both fighting a cold, so that is not too fun, but I get TO BE COZY with our two cats, Pua and Noodles. While unpacking, we found these two cute little STUFFED ANIMALS that we bought for OUR FUTURE LITTLE ONES. Looking forward to when we can put these in their arms one Read more »

❤️ ALOHA and MAHALO Hawaii ❤️

We are a bit sad that we are now on our LAST NIGHT IN PARADISE, but we are also so GRATEFUL for the wonderful warmth, hospitality, sunshine, and surf we’ve had here in the ALOHA STATE. We’ll be returning again soon. We hope to CONTINUE OUR EXPLORATIONS and learning about this very beautiful and special place, and every place we Read more »

Monthly WOMEN OF COLOR Gathering

Once a month, I have the honor of HOSTING A WOMEN OF COLOR gathering in our office space and tonight is this month’s meeting, which makes me smile. I always look forward to seeing who shows up, who is new, and who is returning. Sometimes some of the children of my friends tag along, too, and I like to see them play or draw in the space Read more »

Apple Pie

It’s APPLE SEASON in the northwest, so it’s time to make homemade PIE! These are apples we grew in OUR FRONT YARD that we learned are called NORTHERN SPY. We have more to share! Read more »

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