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||| Dear Fellow Dreamer |||

We are ALAN & KRISTINA **abridgebetweenhearts.com**

We're HONORED & GRATEFUL to you for considering us as adoptive parents.

Like you, we are dreaming of the MOST BEAUTIFUL FUTURE for our child.

It takes an UNCOMMON ABILITY TO IMAGINE what this future looks like.

So, this means you must be a DREAMER!

We recognize your EXTRAORDINARY COURAGE & IMAGINATION in this process.

Thank you for OPENING YOUR HEART by reading about who we are.

THE STORY OF THE HUMAN FAMILY is one where we are all connected.

As our stories are like the branches of A MAGNIFICENT TREE.

To us, it doesn't matter if we are closely related by blood.


Sometimes these stories are joyful & sometimes they are painful.

Sometimes they are untold and sometimes they are still to come.


We welcome YOUR STORY as we share with you OURS.

We are committed to MAKING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE FOR OUR FAMILY each and every day.

If you're looking to place your BABY or TWINS in this kind of life and...
into a loving, peaceful, artistic, multiethnic (Asian/Caucasian/Hapa -- Korean, Slovakian, Scottish) & financially secure home, please contact us to learn more.

THANK YOU for dreaming with us.

To learn more about us, check out:
Instagram: kristina_and_alan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akadopt/
Web: www.abridgebetweenhearts.com

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Who We Are

One COOL NOVEMBER NIGHT in the year 2000, we met for the first time just as the sun was setting a deep orange. After exchanging some messages on an ONLINE DATING site, we decided to meet in person. And, from that moment, we knew that THERE WAS A BEAUTIFUL CONNECTION, but what we didn't know then was just how EASY & SOFT it was to be with one another and how this would follow us into our MANY DAYS, HOMES & HAIRSTYLES moving forward!

What we didn't know then was how our connection would unfold into LONG WALKS around the cities we lived in, or the many nights SNUGGLING UNDER COVERS & WATCHING MOVIES WITH OUR CAT, or the MULTIPLE TRIPS we were lucky enough to take to EUROPE, LATIN AMERICA & AROUND THE US, or the DREAMY DAYS listening to or playing MUSIC WHILE DRAWING, or the WARM HOLIDAYS we have enjoyed with our loving family and friends.

Growing up we had different experiences on two different coasts, but •PROFOUND LOVE• was something shared in our families. Today this love is something we seed into each day, knowing that it grows the more we plant and nurture it. Years ago, we began talking about a future in which we might have children and in those discussions, WE ALWAYS TALKED ABOUT ADOPTING A BABY. So, although it has taken us a long time to settle into one place for long enough to do this, we are now really excited to begin growing our family through this process, and look forward to EXPANDING OUR HEARTS EVEN FURTHER WITH A CHILD.

Adoption Diary

Joining AdoptHelp

So, we’ve been busy lately with some things behind the scenes getting ready to join a new adoption facilitation service called Adopt Help. They work with a limited number of families so we are in a waiting period until our profile goes live in their system. We looked into their reviews from the perspectives of both adoptive parents and expectant birth moms and it seems like they have very solid reviews from both points of view, so we feel really good about what they’re doing and joining up.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to hosting some writers this week at our guest house and enjoying some warmer weather and sunshine after our Snowpocalypse.

Thanks for reading and hope you are all doing well.

* Snowpocalypse *

So, in the Pacific North West it has been snowing and snowing and snowing. We’ve actually only gotten about 5 inches out where we live, but this area of the world is unprepared for conditions like these, so everything shuts down like the schools because we don’t have many snow plows or cars with 4 wheel drive.

Since Alan is in SF for work, I’ve been holding down things at home. I actually shoveled by hand our really long driveway by myself today thinking I would need to in order to drive into town. It took about 90 minutes in total and it didn’t feel too bad while I was pushing the snow around because everything was so quiet and blanketed in white. All the trees and grass and ferns were tucked away as if they were sleeping under the snow. It was really beautiful.

Thankfully, Alan’s dad, who lives next door, came over and we drove into town to check on our office sidewalk. We shoveled it together and finished in half an hour. I’m so thankful to have had his help.

I’m now hanging out with a hot water bottle to help me through the aftermath. The good news is that I’m technically a middle aged woman who can shovel a long driveway on my own (driveway pictured). I want to be a strong mom for our future little one, so I’m thankful to be able to do what I did!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


✨ Alan & Kristina ✨

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✨ Alan & Kristina ✨