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Dear Fellow Dreamer...

We are •ALAN & KRISTINA•, and we are honored and grateful to you for considering us as adoptive parents. Like you, we are dreaming of the best and •MOST BEAUTIFUL FUTURE• for our child, whether or not it is with the one you are placing. It takes an •UNCOMMON ABILITY TO IMAGINE• what this future life looks like and we believe this makes you a •DREAMER•. We acknowledge the •EXTRAORDINARY COURAGE• and •IMAGINATION• you have in this process, and we are so thankful to you for opening your heart by reading about who we are.

It seems important to say from the beginning that we believe that the story of the •HUMAN FAMILY• is one in which we are all connected much like the branches of •A MAGNIFICENT TREE•. To us, it does not matter if we are closely related by blood because •ALL OUR STORIES INTERTWINE•. Sometimes these stories are joyful and sometimes they are painful. Sometimes they are untold and sometimes they are still to come. Regardless of circumstance, we believe that •EVERY STORY IS MEANINGFUL•, and we welcome •YOUR STORY• as we share with you •OURS•.

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Who We Are

One cool November night after Thanksgiving in the year 2000, we met for the first time just as the sun was setting a deep orange. After exchanging some messages on an •ONLINE DATING• site, we decided to meet in person. And, from that moment, we knew that there was •A BEAUTIFUL CONNECTION• but what we didn't know then was just how •EASY AND SOFT• it was to be with one another and how this would follow us into our •MANY DAYS, HOMES, and HAIRSTYLES• moving forward!

What we didn't know then was how our connection would unfold into •LONG WALKS• around the cities we lived in, or the many nights •SNUGGLING UNDER COVERS• and •WATCHING MOVIES WITH OUR CAT•, or the •MULTIPLE TRIPS• we were lucky enough to take to •EUROPE, LATIN AMERICA, and AROUND THE US, or the •DREAMY DAYS• listening to or playing •MUSIC WHILE DRAWING•, or the •WARM HOLIDAYS• we have enjoyed with our loving family and friends.

Growing up we had different experiences on two different coasts, but •PROFOUND LOVE• was something shared in our families. Today this love is something we seed into each day, knowing that it grows the more we plant and nurture it. Years ago, we began talking about a future in which we might have children and in those discussions, •WE ALWAYS TALKED ABOUT ADOPTING A BABY•. So, although it has taken us a long time to settle into one place for long enough to do this, we are now really excited to begin growing our family through this process, and look forward to •EXPANDING OUR HEARTS EVEN FURTHER WITH A CHILD•.

Adoption Diary


After a really BEAUTIFUL VACATION IN HAWAII, we are back at home. We are both fighting a cold, so that is not too fun, but I get TO BE COZY with our two cats, Pua and Noodles. While unpacking, we found these two cute little STUFFED ANIMALS that we bought for OUR FUTURE LITTLE ONES. Looking forward to when we can put these in their arms one day.

❤️ ALOHA and MAHALO Hawaii ❤️

We are a bit sad that we are now on our LAST NIGHT IN PARADISE, but we are also so GRATEFUL for the wonderful warmth, hospitality, sunshine, and surf we’ve had here in the ALOHA STATE. We’ll be returning again soon. We hope to CONTINUE OUR EXPLORATIONS and learning about this very beautiful and special place, and every place we journey ∞ ALOHA + MAHALO ∞

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


✨ Alan & Kristina ✨

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