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Dan and I met when I was on my way home from a deployment to Iraq. At the time, we were both working at the same company and I was asked to stop on the way home from Ft. Dix in uniform as they wanted to have a celebration of my service. We dated for many years but did not live together. We married in June of 2005. Dan is Catholic and I was raised Baptist. We were married in the Catholic Church with Dan's priest and my Uncle Duke who is a Baptist minister. We had the choir from my church perform the music before the service. It was really a wonderful wedding and blending of both of our faiths. Looking back, I should have married Dan years earlier. Shortly after we married, I was notified that my battalion was scheduled to deploy and I spent almost every weekend during the next year training to include several conference calls a week in the evenings and other training days. I was gone for 14 months during 2008/2009. During the deployment, I was responsible for 7,000 detainees and 1,200 Soldiers at Camp Bucca in Southern Iraq. Dan never complained once about me not being home, limited communication, or carrying all of the responsibility of taking care of the home. I am really the lucky spouse for sure! Dan found our dream home while I was in Iraq and started building. We had tried to have children before I deployed and tried several rounds of invitro but we were not blessed to have children. When I returned home, we wanted to pursue adoption but decided it would not be fair to parent a child until I was retired from the military. Yes, we are an older couple but have the energy of a very young couple and I believe we will be great parents based on "favorite and most fun Aunt and Uncle" to all of our nieces and nephews on both sides of the family. What makes us happy is to help and support those in need. Dan picks up a mentally challenged older gentleman every week and takes him to bowling and we help support he and his elderly mother who are on a fixed income. We help support my sister and brother-in-law who has MD. We host all of the family holiday parties on both sides of the family. I could elaborate a lot more, but suffice it to say that we have a lot of energy and love for your child. There would be no greater blessing for us if you choose us to be your adoptive parents.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home sits on 4 acres in a rural area. The upper level has a master suite and spare bedroom with a full bathroom across the hall that will be your child's. The upstairs is an open floor plan with high ceilings of knotty pine. One side of the house has a lot of windows and the back door open to a deck that spans the entire back of the house where we host many family picnics in the summer. The view is of a pond and the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. The downstairs has a separate entrance and has a "war room" with Stacy's award and war memorabilia, an "in-law suite", another bedroom, full bath, and wide open living room and partial kitchen. We spend the majority of our time upstairs.

About Stacy

adoptive family photo - Stacy When I ask Dan what are the traits that he admires most about me they are:
- my big heart
- my inability to hold a grudge
- I am good to my family and his family
- I am loyal

I am the oldest of 4 girls and we grew up with one bathroom - my poor Dad! I am very close to my sisters. We talk several times a week. I have been going on family vacations to Canada with my mom and sister Maureen and her kids for the past 19 years and I visit Texas where my other 2 sisters reside 3 times a year. I have always been a second mom to not only my sisters but also to my sister Maureen's 3 children. I hate to sound cliché by saying that I am all about God, Family, and Country but that basically sums up who I am. I have been blessed to go on 6 short term missions trips to Haiti and 3 combat deployments to Iraq. We host family Christmas parties for both sides of the family as well as family picnics in the summer months. I am so fortunate to have a great job and been given opportunities to serve our country and community, but the greatest gift I could ever receive would be to parent a child. That is my dream and I will never let you down.

About Dan

adoptive family photo - Dan I am Dan. When I ask Stacy what makes me a good partner she says the fact that I am very laid back, extremely patient, 100% supportive of her military career, and that I take care of Matty (handicapped individual that we support emotionally and financially) as well as my parents. I love to bowl, golf, and snowmobile - although since Stacy retired from the Army I don't have quite as much time ha ha and my golf handicap has definitely increased! I have an older brother and sister and when we are all together we tend to fall back into our traditional roles where I am the baby of the family. When I asked Stacy to marry me, she told me that I should marry someone younger and have children but I could not imagine myself with anyone other than her. I admire her high energy level, patriotism and always doing the right thing. If you choose us to parent your child, I promise you that your child will be loved, nurtured, supported, and will have all of the opportunities available for your precious child.

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Stacy & Dan

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Stacy & Dan