Find a Family To Adopt My Baby

View & connect with hopeful families as you decide whether to place your baby for adoption.

Dawn & Chris - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Dawn & Chris

“We look at adoption as a very sacred exchange. It is not done lightly on either side. We would dedicate our lives to this child.”

Kara & Alex - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Kara & Alex

We cannot wait to become parents and are excited to encourage your child to grow into his or her own person with guidance and support.

Kevin & Nate - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Kevin & Nate

We are Dads in the making. It is a dream of ours to expand our loving family with a child.

Jimmy & Robin - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Jimmy & Robin

We love spending time together and being able to give our children a sibling is so special & important to our family.

Marie & Anthony - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Marie & Anthony

"We were both lucky to have amazing parents who provided us with the best possible life and would do everything possible to give our child the same life."

Rob & Ed - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Rob & Ed

"It is our greatest wish to expand our family to share in our love and wonderful life we have built together."

Anthony & Dio - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Anthony & Dio

"It is our greatest wish to start a family to share in our love and wonderful life we have built together."

Paul & Val - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Paul & Val

"Our relationship is based on openness and honesty. We know this will help us learn to be the best parents we can be."

Julie M. - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Julie M.

I am a successful filmmaker living in a beautiful, safe, and family-friendly neighborhood in NYC, able to provide a child a life filled with love.

Kim & Bo - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Kim & Bo

We have so much love to give & each of us are so excited to have another member of our family!

Mike & Candice - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Mike & Candice

"Your baby will be loved, adored, and cherished beyond compare, our priceless gift."

Sadye & Colt - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Sadye & Colt

We can’t wait to adopt to bring so much more love into our family. Your child will never go without.

Megan - Hopeful Adoptive Parents


"I am a fun-loving woman and cannot wait to have children."

Virginia & Nour - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Virginia & Nour

We stand in awe of your decision to trust us to care for, love, and raise your child.

Jason & Stephanie - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Jason & Stephanie

"We value family above anything else and are committed to making sure we have a home filled with love, laughter, and happiness."

David & Robert - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

David & Robert

"The greatest goal we share is to have a family & raise children together."

Andrea & Billy - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Andrea & Billy

"We believe that building our family through adoption is part of our destined plan."

Nick & Kelcey - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Nick & Kelcey

"We are two middle school teachers (and a 15 year old!) looking to share our love, laughter, and adventures with a little one."

Rich & Elite - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Rich & Elite

"We will always put your child first, above anything or anyone else."

Phil and Filip - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Phil and Filip

"In a family built on love, trust and kindness, we promise you that your child will be welcomed by two caring parents and an adoring big brother."

Lewis and Travis - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Lewis and Travis

"Our daughter, Florence, is the light of our lives and a beautiful young soul. We are excited to embark on this journey once again."

Greg + Jason - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Greg + Jason

"Any child placed with us will have an abundance of love and laughter, and every opportunity to pursue his/her dreams."

Robert & Katie - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Robert & Katie

"We love to do anything together as a family, especially taking trips, having family parties, and spending holidays together."

Tara - Hopeful Adoptive Parents


Your child will experience a childhood full of belly laughs, unconditional love, and guidance. I will ensure he/she knows their culture as well.

Brittany & Josh - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Brittany & Josh

If we are chosen to adopt your baby, know he or she will be showered with love and faith.

Paul & Nick - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Paul & Nick

We have so much love to give and are ready to share our joy, guidance, silliness and support with a child. We look forward to meeting you!

Ryan & Tifphanie - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Ryan & Tifphanie

"We are so ready to pour our love and attention into a child. We will offer a supportive and loving space for your child to grow, flourish, and thrive"

Lauren & Tommy - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Lauren & Tommy

We are NY based, family oriented & never take the little things for granted. We are thrilled for the chance to build our family through adoption.

Dina and Joe - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Dina and Joe

"If we are chosen to adopt your newborn, he or she will be raised to know the values of love, respect, faith, and kindness."

James & Trenton - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

James & Trenton

We are a caring, accepting couple looking forward to providing you and your child with endless love and support!

VinnyandMikeAdopt - Hopeful Adoptive Parents


We will raise our child to be whoever they want to grow up to be and support them 100% of the way.

Michelle and Peter - Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Michelle and Peter

We promise to raise this baby to love others, be kind and compassionate, and to always be willing to help others in need.