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We are Gerard and Jamie, an easy going and committed couple from Long Island New York! We have been married for six years which has deepened our friendship and allowed us to continue to utilize each other's strengths to grow as individuals and a couple. The value that childhood, marriage and family has for us is unmatched by anything else. Our greatest wish is to welcome a child into our family and be able to share with them the boundless love we and our families have to offer.
We admire your decision to consider life and can't imagine the feelings that you may be met with during this time. Your consideration deserves to be met with compassion and honesty. We very much hope for the opportunity to express that to you, to get to know you and for you to get to know us as well! With gratitude we invite you to reach out to us!

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We have grown up locally to each other in neighboring communities living strongly parallel lives. After returning home from college and beginning our careers fate intervened and we met on eHarmony! It was clear very early on we both felt like we were made for each other and we love sharing with people exactly what lead to us being matched and how we ended up together from our respective sides of the computer screen!

Adoption Diary

5/29 Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day all! Although the weather wasn’t the best we had a barbecue with Jamie’s family and neighbors. The little ones, our niece and nephew, color our family get togethers with so much joy and entertainment. It’s hysterical and endearing to see these little people bring everyone together in new and wonderful ways! The smiles say it all and we wanted to share the joy with you! We invite you to keep checking in to see more!

5/27 Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend from 1775!
The warmer weather and unofficial start of summer brings our favorite historical community events.
Today was the first day Gerard stepped into the fife and drum line and we had a blast! We talked about our love of history and interest in reenacting living history on our first date and are so happy to spend these years being able to engage with the community!
Check out the video on our Facebook page for a taste of the 18th century and to see Gerard in action!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Gerard & Jamie

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Gerard & Jamie