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Our Story

We first met in 2013 while we were both attending college in southwest Virginia (James attended Virginia Tech and Trenton attended Radford University). Over the next 9 years we accomplished many goals together.
As our personal ambitions grew so did our relationship and love for each other. We got engaged in June of 2017 in Washington, D.C. after visiting that year's Pride Celebration. We celebrated our marriage in November 2018 with our family and friends. Since then, we have rescued a dog, bought a house, and established roots in our amazing community together. We love to spend our free time trying out new restaurants, taking our dog for long walks along the nearby river, and exploring all of the museums and cultural sites our area has to offer!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We currently own a home in beautiful Virginia. We love decorating and have made our home into a comfortable, welcoming place. There is plenty of outdoor space with a fenced-in backyard and beautiful patio where we spend many summer nights.
When we are not with our pets watching Netflix at home, we are actively exploring our local community. It is a wonderful place to live that offers adventures for all interests. Whether it is exploring a new restaurant or coffee shop, walking our dog in the many beautiful parks around the city, or going to a local theater to see a show or concert, we love being a part of this community and experiencing everything the city has to offer.

We live just 5 minutes from a large, local park, one of our favorite places to spend a warm Saturday with our dog. There is also a local elementary school right down the street from our house with a wonderful playground and open fields. Our house is within a school district that is known for celebrating diversity and encouraging strong connections with families and their communities. Some other great local points of interest include the Children's Museum of Virginia and the Science Museum of Virginia.


adoptive family photo - James Written by Trenton:

"Have you ever met one of those people who, when you meet them, you instantly feel as if they are what is good about this world? I know that seems like a weird thing to say; however, if you ask anyone who knows James... They would agree that he is one of those purely, "good" people. He has one of the kindest souls that you will ever meet and finds the positive in all situations. He has made me a better person throughout my relationship with him and I am so excited to see our child learn from him. He is the nerdiest, quick witted, and most loving person I know. James was undeniably put on this earth to bring joy to those around him and I am forever grateful that he gets to be the sun and constant life in my life."

Some of my favorite things include reading, traveling, and spending time with my closest family and friends!


adoptive family photo - Trenton Written by James:

"Trenton is the type of person who will always save the last piece of pizza for you. He has an uncanny ability to lighten up a room and will do anything he can to make those around him feel welcome, supported, and that he is "in their corner". Everyone who meets Trenton immediately falls in love with his sarcastic sense of humor and ability to make people laugh. Trenton puts his whole heart and soul into the things he loves and it is this passion that I know will bring out the best in our child. Some of the many things I love about him are his tendency to look on the bright side of any situation and the amount of care and thought he puts into making decisions. I have no doubt that he will do anything and everything possible for our future child as he has done the same for me throughout our relationship. Trenton will make an amazing, protective father and an even better role-model for our child."

Some of my favorite things include music, laughter, traveling, and experiencing new foods!

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James & Trenton

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