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Photo Albums

April / May 2019

  • Alan and Noodles the cat at home
  • At a blue playground near our office
  • At a Community Bicycling Event this weekend!

March April 2019

  • In Seattle on a fun day trip in the city
  • Here we are in the forest behind our house
  • This is the pretty pond that Alan's Aunt Ann has. We go for walks here a lot.
  • Kristina spent a Saturday with her friend's 8 year old son. They made a book together!
  • Always cooking up something delicious!

Feb 2019

  • This is Pua. It looks like an ordinary photo, but it's not. When we got her over a year ago she had PTSD + would not get too close. She is now using my leg as a pillow! Victory!
  • Beautiful words, beautiful people at a gorgeous poetry reading (in English/Spanish) last night in our space.
  • Kristina with the beautiful poets that read last night.
  • K is packing for a trip and kitty wants to come too!
  • After a flight redirected due to bad weather, a 4 hour drive through rain and fog, and a washed-out road, it feels so gooooood to be lying under a blanket watching TV with my mom at her winter house in Palm Springs!
  • Meanwhile, it’s a rare snow day back at home! Would you like to build a snowman?
  • Cute birdie footprints hopping around a snow-covered piece of driftwood on our front porch.
  • While Alan + the kitties face the cold + snow up north, I'm loving these lemons in my mom's backyard!
  • Cats can’t resist sleeping on fresh laundry.
  • Pear quinoa porridge for breakfast this morning!
  • We felt pretty good after our yummy breakfast this morning.
  • Throw Back Thursday -- On our wedding June 2010 xoxo
  • Another cute book we added to our future kid's library. Can't wait to read it together.
  • Alan is in SanFrancisco for a few days and visited a cool scale model of the city at the library.
  • Kristina shoveled the driveway by herself today b/c Alan is in SF. Whoa.
  • The view from Kristina's home office today! Yikes!
  • Happy Valentines Everybody!
  • We went to Seattle for Valentine's day and visited the awesome library, ate dinner at our hotel restaurant, and then went to a beautiful music show. xoxo
  • Today's yummy lunch (buckwheat with beets, kale, onions, dill, and potato)
  • We hosted a workshop on DIY comic books and zines!
  • Another image from our workshop.
  • Alan made this really cool print at our office over the weekend. Can't wait to get creative with our future kiddo!
  • Cute cat and cozy fireplace
  • Really thankful to be able to take a self-care evening with this rose bouquet and lemon-cucumber water. Getting reading for some dreamy sleep.
  • Excited to get photo of baby Kristina from her cousin with mother + grandfather + stepgrandmother in Korea.
  • Last night we went to a beautiful fundraising dinner for the local native tribe. A delicious crab feast!
  • We just got these cute "Funny Bunnies" which are hand-made by friends of ours for our future little one.
  • This is us right before eating a big yummy Saturday lunch.
  • Last night at our space our friends (pictured here) organized an incredible black history month event for the community and over 130 people showed!
  • Kristina presenting our friend TJ with a poster we designed for him and the Black History Month Event at our space
  • This is the poster we designed to honor our friend who organized the Black History Month in our space.

January 2019

  • Happy 2019 from the inside of our guest yurt. We like to think that things are looking up for all of us this year. *
  • Love seeing these beautiful neighbors on my morning walk! *
  • Hello 2019! *
  • A quiet dinner out + making wishes for a little one by candlelight + tea. *
  • Making wishes on the first new moon of the year.*
  • Alan is biking to work today! He's going to be a stylish + safe dad ;-)*
  • Noodles is desperate to go outside, but there are too many animals here in the forest, so we got her a cat stroller and she is in heaven now!
  • Visited this beautiful sculpture framing the sky by Isamu Noguchi
  • The loft bedroom in our guest yurt where we have been hosting a visiting curator from the UK this week
  • This shopping mall is gearing up for chinese new year with these beautiful lanterns.
  • Fresh rosemary + sage from our garden makes the air in the kitchen so nice.
  • At the office we’re printing posters for an MLK day event this weekend!
  • We got dressed up for the MLK ball last night! We had a lot of fun dancing with joy in our community.
  • Having a ball at the MLK Ball
  • Some of the women of color at the MLK ball including Kristina
  • Staying up late to watch the lunar eclipse!
  • K's best friend's daughter drew this heart warming picture of us.
  • Morning walk with coffee in our woods is a beautiful way to start the day!
  • This is the beautiful pond that Alan's aunt, who is a neighbor, has. We love to sit by it and dream together of our future family taking walks together here.
  • We got cupcakes for our coworkers for Kristina's birthday.
  • Some of our friends as we waited to go to brunch this birthday weekend.
  • On the night of K's birthday friends + family gathered around the piano and sang together.
  • Kristina looking happy after a night of eating cake + singing with friends + family.
  • Ending K's birthday weekend with a walk (because we ate too much cake!).
  • Sunset at our office this evening.
  • After a fun weekend, it's nice to put the house back together again + enjoy some quiet!
  • Every once in awhile I buy things for our future kid like these really cute and super soft booties and this eggplant rattle. Imaging our little one in their crib with these.
  • Alan looking sleepy-happy at our favorite lunch place.
  • Admiring a well-folded stack of towels. :)
  • Made a beautiful coffee with a sprinkling of cocoa powder this morning. It's going to be a good day!

Beautiful Moments

  • Flowers
  • Breakfast before sunrise with a view of the bay
  • One of our coworkers drew this family portrait of us inspired by Japanese animation for Xmas
  • Remembering this beautiful walk we took last summer. Just beyond those trees is the ocean.


  • The Christmas card writing begins!
  • Our disco tree!
  • One of the windows for K's pop up holiday shop
  • We treated our coworkers to a Scandinavian themed holiday party!
  • K's shop at night
  • Our nieces & nephews made gingerbread houses for our early Xmas
  • Gifts for our nieces & nephew for our early Xmas + Noodles the cat
  • Alan & Niece at early Xmas
  • K & Niece at early Xmas
  • K & Nephew at early Xmas having fun
  • K comforting a sleepy Niece
  • K & Niece at early Xmas
  • Alan made this drawing of him & his sister as kids as one gift for the parents this Xmas.
  • We made a holiday dinner for A's parents & Aunt, ending it with a yummy Pannetone (Italian cake)!
  • K with her mother & brother
  • K taking a walk with her Mom in Palm Springs on Christmas Eve morning.
  • When we visit K's parents in Palm Springs, we always pick grapefruits from their yard!
  • For Xmas breakfast, K's mom made Korean scallion pancakes. Yummy!
  • K's brother (left) & partner (right) Xmas morning
  • K's brother made beautiful apple pies for us!
  • Still keeping the Christmas spirit going with K’s mom today.
  • It’s so good to be back home spending a quiet holiday morning with Noodles the cat thinking about a year well lived and the anticipation of another.
  • K made a yummy coconut milk custard with mandarin orange compote for New Year's Eve dessert.

Kids Books

  • One side of K's pop up book shop (mainly for kids)
  • A beautiful book on adoption
  • Another section of K's shop
  • A sweet adoption story
  • To the moon!
  • Another beautiful adoption book in K's shop
  • A beautiful picture book
  • A new book at the shop that we LOVE. It is going into our future kid's library for sure!

Through the Years

  • August 2018 at a wedding
  • August 2018 at a wedding
  • Oct 2018. With Noodles, our cat.
  • Christmas 2015 when we lived in San Francisco.
  • 2012 in San Francisco.
  • 2010. Our wedding!
  • 2010. Another wedding pic.
  • Sometime around 2002
  • Nov 2018 in Maui
  • 2015. New Years with sparkling water!!
  • Nov 2018. Last hours in Hawaii.
  • Nov 2018. Dinner in Honolulu
  • 18 years since our first date...OMG!
  • Kristina as a toddler with a scary looking bear!
  • Alan as a cute baby eating a popsicle.
  • 2006 in Holland

Family & Friends

  • Wedding 2010. Alan's family.
  • Christmas 2012. Alan's family.
  • Wedding 2010. Kristina with Alan's mother.
  • Wedding 2010. Kristina's Emo (Aunt in Korean), brother & mom.
  • Wedding 2010. Kristina & her brother
  • 2016. Alan with Kristina's brother & his partner
  • Christmas 2017. Rob's partner napping with Noodles.
  • Summer 2018. Rob, his partner, Alan & Mom on the beach
  • Winter 2018. Mom & Alan having a coffee together
  • Wedding 2010. Kristina with her best childhood friend Marnie
  • Aug 2018. Alan being silly with Marnie's son
  • 2015 Chile. Kristina with one of our godsons, the son of her best college friend
  • Fall 2018. Kristina with Monica & her sons
  • Kristina & our good friend Jodi
  • We took our friends on a hike
  • For us family means Korean food!
  • 2018. K's monthly women of color group
  • 2016. Dinner with Alan's parents
  • 2016. From a beautiful dinner with Alan's parents.
  • Thanksgiving 2018. At the kids table, with A's niece & nephew.
  • Babysitting a friend’s 2-year-old: storytime!
  • On the 2nd night of babysitting, we had a lot of fun!
  • Summer 2018. Found this old pic of Alan at his bday party this summer. Our friends made pizza that we made in his parents' outdoor pizza oven!
  • A visiting friend harvesting kale in our garden with help of a flashlight


  • Our beautiful library at our office space that we run
  • A moment to rest at work
  • One of our coworkers having tea
  • People give us books for our library!
  • This is a trick. It's not a work photo ;-)
  • Cookies for our co-workers!
  • K's friend made an exhibition at work
  • Oct 2018. Alan as a pirate for Halloween
  • K's holiday pop up shop of amazing kids books.
  • From K's shop. It has poems about animals & beautiful art.
  • Poetry reading + video art at our office.
  • From K's shop. Books with beautiful dream worlds.
  •  An old Japanese folk tale.
  • K reading a book to kids at the shop.
  • Making origami cats with the kids at the shop.
  • Cool sneakers made & designed by a kid! We support this 100%!
  • At Alan’s work they made 3D models of everybody instead of the usual staff photos.
  • New plant in the office! Behind it is a rubber plant I used to have in my first apartment in Seattle, that my sister has been taking care of for 17 years.


  • We love traveling and walking!
  • Feb 2018 in Arizona.
  • Feb 2018. Art in Utah.
  • 2017. Another really interesting art work.
  • 2012. In Egypt.
  • 2005 at a Paris café
  • Summer 2017. After a hike, we put our feet in a stream.
  • Nov 2016. Waimea Canyon in Kauai.
  • July 2018. In Italy. This town's name = windows onto the sea.
  • March 2018. A favorite local hike we call a "sky beach".
  • 2015. In Argentina, with a tour-guide Susana. She's 86!
  • 2017. Sunset in Vancouver, Canada
  • Oct 2018. At our local circus = funny, Halloween-themed, other worldly
  • Nov 2018. Aloha from Maui where the turtles (honu) are "larger than life"
  • Nov 2018 Hawaii shave ice
  • Nov 2018. A beautiful Hawaiian story about a childless couple given a baby
  • Nov 2018. Frozen banana "nice" cream in Honolulu
  • Nov 2018. Sleepy with coffee in Honolulu!
  • Nov 2018. K imitating a rotating restaurant. ;-)
  • Nov 2018. Last night in Honolulu
  • Nov 2018. The beautiful beach at Waikiki.
  • Nov 2018. A quiet moment on Kauai.
  • Nov 2018. Crescent Mahina (“moon”) in Kona, Hawaii.
  • Nov 2018. Petroglyphs in the rocks in Hawaii.
  • Nov 2018. Our last hours in Hawaii.
  • Nov 2018. Animals we saw in Hawaii.
  • Summer 2018. We love to hike right where we live!
  • This is the beautiful region we call home!


  • Oct 2018. Our cozy cottage (3 bedrooms, 3 baths)
  • Oct 2018. We grow apples, pears, plums, cherries + berries.
  • Oct 2018. Our front yard has a lot of open, green space
  • Our backyard is a forest!
  • Our back woods. We staged a performance there.
  • Walking in our forest is a magical experience.
  • Inside, our two cats keep us warm and happy
  • Here are our two cats. Noodles is b&w. Pua is calico.
  • Pua is a Hawaiian word that means flower
  • Our kitchen gets a lot of use
  • Where we read, watch movies or play records.
  • Alan sketched our cats as cartoons.
  • Alan drew these baby orcas
  • Alan drew this baby seagull
  • K drew this baby fox
  • Berries from our yard
  •  Apples and plums from our yard
  • The ocean is so beautiful where we live
  • Alan cuddling Noodles
  • Alan made this tiger
  • It's ^Caturday^. Here's Pua.
  • In our backwoods
  • A little bear and a little lamb for our future little one.
  • Beautiful sunlight poking through our back woods

April / May 2019

Alan and Noodles the cat at home
At a blue playground near our office
At a Community Bicycling Event this weekend!

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