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Families Come is Many Ways and Relationships

I was looking through a closet, trying to find something and came across a box that my best friend Jennifer had given me at her bridal luncheon, over 20 years ago…..the inside of the box says “Distance and time cannot alter a friendship”.  I don’t think any truer words have been written!  We’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember, and been through everything together, happy & sad, highs & lows and all of the in between.  I am even her son’s Godmother! Jennifer’s family is my family and I know she feels the same about mine.  I’m incredibly proud of her for the woman, mother, sister and friend that she is.  She’s done an amazing job with her children and has given me so much support and said many prayers to help my dream of becoming a mom.  She cannot wait to be an aunt and a big part of this child’s life.  Bloodlines do not matter - family is in your heart. ❤️

*The photo is from the summer of us at an outdoor concert…we had a blast!  Myself, Jen, her husband and daughters….my extended family!

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