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No Power, No Problem

Today is day 6 of no power…my “office” is in my nephew and noece’s playroom. They have so many great things to share and are so excited for a new cousin!!  We are all waiting for you…. PS Thank you to Joseph and Frankie for sharing their space and WiFi!! Read more »

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

TGIF!  The heat finally broke…and now the rain.  For me, a welcome sight to be able to walk the beach in cooler weather.  I love the dark sky and the navy water…..the beach looks beautiful!  The cloudy days make me realize how much I do love the sun and that no matter how stormy things seem, the sun does Read more »

The Dog Days of Summer

Look who’s at the beach with us??  It’s so hot so I popped into to see the pooch….he’s resting and waiting to hear from you…call us! Read more »

Mama Bird and Me!

During this period of being home…almost ALL of the time, I have been sitting on my patio a lot.  I do calls, read, have coffee, whatever it may be, in the fresh air.  The other morning, I heard birds chirping away and saw what I thought was just a mess, on the seat under my table.  I move the stool and Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, past, present and future.  There are mothers all around us, in many different forms and in everything we do. Those who have their own children, those who long to bear children.  There is no journey in life that is easy or without heartache but the thing I think we can Read more »

Yummy!!!  And worth the wait….

Today I ventured out to go food shopping…the line was not too bad and the weather was beautiful so it was a win, win.  Do you ever go to Trader Joe’s?  They have certain things that I love, especially the spicy jalapeño cheese and great fruits and veggies.  I try to follow a healthy diet but in this Read more »

56 Days and counting…

We’ve now been in self isolation for 8 weeks!  I don’t know about you but….I want out!  I miss everything and everyone.  It’s very lonely to do meetings with friends and family over video conferences.  I miss the feel of a great hug or the feel of a high five for a good job, etc.  I always Read more »

No Frills SuzanneG

Another silver lining of this pandemic is….you are really getting to see and know the striped down, no frills version of me.  Working from home and social distancing has enabled me to wear super casual clothes, little or no makeup and hair that’s styled minimally.  That being said, I hope that you can see Read more »

A Mad Scientist

This little crock pot never seizes to amaze me. I love to cook with it - it’s simple…if you have never used one, you just dump the ingredients in and 6-8 hours later, a masterpiece emerges!  By hour 5, or so, I think to myself- there is NO way this is going to work…and it’s always delicious!  I feel Read more »


I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, mid week.  I don’t know where the time goes.  Not much to report here - I did go to the grocery store and am happy to report all other shoppers were masked and gloved, and staying away from one and other. I can’t wait for this to be over!!  My other takeaway Read more »

A little bunny…

We had a little visitor today, my nephew Joseph, who was hoping that the Easter bunny had left a few there early eggs to for…unfortunately for Joseph, and all of the kids, the egg hunt will have to wait for next year. My family’s Easter bunny used to “spill” his jelly beans & chocolate eggs, down the flight Read more »

Sending a Virtual Hug

Hi there…today is Good Friday and we are still doing our part to be together while apart.  Strange times in many ways…hopefully better days are ahead and maybe we will be together instead of apart.  Thinking of you and praying for you.  And remember, most importantly, you are not alone.  Read more »

The Stitch Sitch

I love to do crafty things, painting, baking, and needlepoint.  My grandmother was great with needlework and was an amazing knitter. I have several of her baby sweaters ready and waiting for a little person to wear them. My own mother made my siblings and me our Christmas stockings, which we still use as adults!  Read more »

Walking and Thinking

Hello…call it cabin fever or spring fever..,I had to get moving today. When I’m out and about, without calls, people or distractions, I really think a lot.  I am so ready for the next phase of my life and this journey…I know that when the right family finds me, they will see how much love I have to give and Read more »

Palm Sunday…doesn’t seem like it!

Today is Palm Sunday.  Typically our family would have a had a big family brunch or dinner.  This is a week where the kids would be on vacation from school and we would usually go away and return in time for Easter with another celebration and of course, an egg hunt.  We even bake a cake in the shape of a Read more »

Hello to You!

I walked over to say hello to my sister and her family today. We did respect our social distancing…it was nice to see people!  They wanted to say hello to you too…hope you’re doing well.  We are waiting to hear from you!  929-215-4880 Read more »

Wandering minds

With all of the world slowing down, we have a lot of time on our hands to let our minds wander.  There is no easy part to this journey, for you and your family, or me.  There is worry, like what if this never happens?  There are heartaches - I can’t imagine the incredibly difficult decisions you have, and Read more »

All set to GO!

I know that all of the news is scary, especially the news regarding NY…but I’m here to tell you, as a born and breed NYer - I am ready to go anywhere in a moments notice!  I have the gas, resources & provisions - anything we need to get to you and your family.  I have been waiting for the moment that I Read more »

S.U.N. !!! Y.E.S.!!!!

Woohoo!!  The sun is out and immediately, I feel happier.  I know that in the light of day, I’m incredibly fortunate and thankful, and that things could be so much worse!  I hope you are hanging in there too - we are all in this and just need to get through it. In the meantime, I’m here for you.  I am Read more »

That Was Then…

3/31 is a big day in our family.  It’s my oldest nephew’s birthday.  Peter is special for a million reasons but honestly, he just a really good person.  He’s a little bummed because birthdays are always an “event” at my mom’s house.  Each birthday person gets to chose their birthday party theme Read more »

Our Couch is Waiting for You…

Hello….well it’s a new week, still working from home.  Things could be worse, that is true…we are all doing our part to stay apart and together.  I have been staying over at my mom’s, that way we are are alone but together alone. We are cooking (chili, lasagna, tonight it’s bbq chicken), watching Read more »

A Celebrity Guest!

Look who I got to see and talk to today?!?! It’s DOUGLAS!  He was saying to me”Please tell me you have good news about your adoption journey?  I’m really ready for the new addition to our family.  The wait is making me crazy!”  I assured him that when the right person and family finds us and Read more »

My Office For One

Hi!  As with all of us, my normal routine is all out of whack.  The upside is that I can be outside with fresh flowers, but it’s so quiet!  Usually I enjoy working from home but in light of us trying to “flatten the curve” of the virus, my whole office is working from their homes.  It’s quiet Read more »


In all of the uncertainty and anxiousness that is happening in the world, and the added worries about your decisions, I want to assure you that my gas tank is filled, I have all of my certifications and home study documents, my arms and heart are open and I am READY to go.  I have been waiting to become mother for my Read more »

Douggy the Dog is Practing Social Distancing

I got a text from my favorite pooch, Douglas…he’s unable to visit but wanted you to know that he’s practicing his social distancing in hopes of hearing from you.  With all of this time on our hands, now is a great chance to get to know each other. I’d love to hear from you!  And nothing will hold us Read more »

Spring is HERE!

In all of the craziness of the world right now, I forgot that today is the first day of spring…technically I think it begins tonight but hey, we can all use a little positivity!  Spring always gives me hope for a renewed life, flowers, warm air, blue skies and people out and having fun again.  And this year, Read more »

There always a silver lining

With all of the things happening in the world right now, we are all experiencing disruptions and anxieties.  I had been inside all day and grabbed my EarPods to go for a walk….much to my frustration the batteries were dead.  I went on ahead and walked over to the high school.  I live in one of the Read more »

A breath of fresh air…

This is my mom and me.  We were home all afternoon and were getting stir crazy….I took her to “Mother Nature’s Gym”’s beautiful out and we needed a little fresh air!  I hope you are doing well and feeling okay. I’m here if you’d like to chat…929-215-4880 Read more »

Mother Nature’s Gym

A chilly but sunny and gorgeous morning….decided to hit Mother Nature’s gym…membership is free and all are welcome. Lol. Hope you’re having a good morning…thinking of you!  Reach out if you feel like talking - I’m always here! Read more »

Douglas the Great

Here is my favorite dog, Douglas!  He is my four legged nephew and just as sweet as he is cute…and he’s always happy to see me! As an added bonus, he’s amazing with babies and kids and is looking forward to another little one being around to love and protect. Read more »

Monday Nights with Michaela and The Bachelor

My niece Michaela loves the show, The Bachelor….she thinks the woman are all pretty, have nice outfits, the bachelor is so handsome, nice,etc.  I enjoy her optimism and decided to watch the show through her eyes this season.  We had a standing “date” on Mondays and would text through the show with Read more »

She’s waiting for you….

This is my youngest niece Francesca…she is a girly girl who loves flamingos, dolls and lollipops….she is also very good with boys and their trucks and toys as she has a 3 year old brother who is her bestie and she loves him very much.  Francesca cannot wait for a new cousin to be buddies with, boy or girl, Read more »

Families Come is Many Ways and Relationships

I was looking through a closet, trying to find something and came across a box that my best friend Jennifer had given me at her bridal luncheon, over 20 years ago…..the inside of the box says “Distance and time cannot alter a friendship”.  I don’t think any truer words have been written!  We’ve been Read more »

Saturday Errands Start with a Coffee….

Good morning!  Ahhhh, Saturday.  On the weekends, I like to get up early and do all of the weekly errands with my partner in crime….my mom!!  We start with a coffee and take it from there…and we’re off! PS She was not happy to be in a pic. Lol Read more »

Time to stop and smell the flowers!!

I often am thinking about the adoption process.  No matter what side of the equation you are on, neither side is easy.  As I was worrying about someone liking me, my life, my profile etc, I looked up and saw a beautiful floral display.  I took it as a sign from God to have faith and let things work out the way Read more »

SUPER Tuesday??  Lets make it one!!

There is a lot of buzz going on in the world…but my SUPER Tuesday consists of getting home early, putting on my pj’s and having a delicious dinner that my mom left in my fridge…next up is a good night of TV and bed.  Living the dream…now, if I could just hear from you, it would really be a SUPER Read more »

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