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From our Heart to Yours

Hello, our names are Ryan and Luke,

We want to thank you so much for considering us as possible parents to your child. We can only imagine how difficult this is for you, and we recognize how much strength, love, and courage it takes to make this decision. Our hope is that learning more about us and our life together will help you in making the best decision for you and your baby.

We are a married and financially secure couple who love each other very much and yearn to give our love to a child. We both love children and have always dreamed about becoming fathers through adoption. We are two fun-loving, active, and motivated people living life in a beautiful home in New York City. We fill our lives with art, music, sports, family, and friends. We are dog dads of two sweet and gentle pups.

We have always spoken about adoption as one of our dreams, as we both have a lot of love to share. We often sit on the couch with our dogs Peach and Daisy, thinking and dreaming about what our family would look like with a child. Ryan is a creative soul who loves music and theater. He will surely be teaching our child songs from his favorite Broadway shows. Luke is playful and energetic and will love to teach our child to play sports. We are both very family oriented, often visiting or Facetiming with our nieces, making silly faces, and sharing laughs.

It means so much to us that you have taken the time to look at our information. We want to create a home where your child can feel unconditionally loved, safe, and supported no matter what. We know this is a difficult decision for you, and we hope that by learning more about us you’ll see that we will give your child a life full of love and happiness. Should you choose us to adopt your child, we will raise your child knowing about your deep love for him or her and your tremendous sacrifice that made us parents. We will always speak about you with love in our hearts.

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Who We Are

We first matched online, and quickly knew we had chemistry. Our first date was at a cozy Mexican restaurant, a nod to Ryan's favorite food. Even with Mexican food waiting, we were so caught up in conversation we did not order anything for the first hour. Both knew a second date was inevitable before the night was over.

The second date was more casual, a stroll down the Hudson River with Ryan's dog Daisy. We walked along, giving each other full belly laughs, and the connection grew. On that second date, we quickly learned that we both had hoped to adopt in the future, and started to get excited about what building a family together might look like. After hours of walking around the city, we called it a night, both knowing that we could have a bright future together.

Our dates to come centered around good food, long walks with Daisy, hikes, music, and theater. We make the most of what New York City has to offer, whether it is cuisine from around the world or Broadway shows, sports or concerts.

In time, we introduced one another to friends and family, moved in together, rescued a second dog, Peach, and married on the beach in Cape Cod. Now happily married, we both feel so ready to take the next step we always hoped for, to adopt and devote our lives to a child.

Adoption Diary

Our Family

To us, family is everything. We are both so lucky to have supportive parents and families, who never wavered in their love for us as we came out to them. As we told them about our adoption plans, their love and excitement only grew. Luke’s father Andrew and stepmother Adrienne live nearby, and plan to visit for extended stays to spend time with us and our future child.

Luke’s mother Gwen and stepfather Tom live on the west coast but are always planning trips to visit for events like the US Open or just to spend time together. Luke also has an older sister Diana, who is married to her husband Josh and has a 5-year-old daughter named Sasha.
We often visit our sister Diana and brother-in-law Josh in Los Angeles to spend time with our niece Sasha making sure to arrive with presents for birthdays or holidays. Luke loves to teach our niece yoga poses and bought her first tennis racquet to keep the tennis tradition in the family going strong. Seeing the love shared in Luke’s family only makes the idea of our family that much more exciting.

Ryan’s family lives in California where he grew up. Ryan’s mom Pam and stepdad Tom are so excited to be 1st time grandparents and are planning to live on both coasts, near our home, when we have our baby, so they can be very involved grandparents. When Ryan’s mom comes to visit us in New York she loves to spend time with us and see the latest Broadway shows. Ryan’s mom Pam was also a ballerina when she was a child and enjoys taking in a ballet like the Nutcracker on her trips.

We are also very close with Ryan’s grandma Dolores and grandpa Victor who he spent a lot of time with as a child. We talk to them every week and they are excited to meet their great grand baby. Ryan’s aunt Rebecca, Uncle Joe and cousin Natalie also live in his hometown and are excited to visit us and spend summers at the beach like we did when he was a kid and now as an adult.

Ryan’s family has supported him in all aspects of his life and can’t wait to be there every step if the way to provide love and support as we become fathers together. Between our two families, there is more than enough love to be shared with a future child. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the day when we become fathers together.

A Weekend of Surprises and Family in San Diego

This past weekend, I(Ryan) took a quick trip home to San Diego. The occasion? A surprise bridal shower for my cousin Natalie.

Upon my arrival, the look of sheer surprise and joy on Natalie’s face was priceless. Surrounded by close family and friends, we celebrated her upcoming nuptials, sharing laughter, stories, and advice for married life. It was a beautiful reminder of the strong bonds and love that my family shares.

But the excitement didn’t end there. Throughout the weekend, conversations often shifted towards the adoption process my husband and I are currently navigating. Our family’s enthusiasm and support were overwhelming. Every question, from the simple to the intricate, was asked with a blend of curiosity and excitement. Their eagerness to welcome a new member into our family was heartwarming.

My mom, in particular, radiated joy at every mention of the adoption. The prospect of becoming a grandma has filled her with an indescribable happiness. We spent hours discussing plans, dreams, and the adventures that await us. Her support and love through this journey have been a pillar of strength for us.


Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ryan & Luke

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Ryan & Luke