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A good week

Hello! This past week I had a birthday! I celebrated with my lovely wife by going out to look at wildlife in a local canyon. Later, my parents took us out to eat at a Peruvian restaurant that we like. Once the weekend came, we got together with friends and had strawberry rhubarb pie and played a couple of rounds of Exploding Kittens. I am really glad that I have good friends and family that I actually like being with. Good times! Whoever you are, I hope you are having a good day and have some good people around you too! I Read more »

Banana Bread Legacy

Hello expectant mama! This past week, my (Glenna) Mom and Grandma Sugars visited us for a week from California. Growing up, my sister and I always made banana bread with Grandma’s recipe around the holidays at her house, so every family could bring a big loaf home. So, I asked her to bake with me again, and it was so Read more »

Nursery Preparation, pt. 3

Hello expectant mama! We are still working on our nursery bit by bit. My main project at the moment is knitting a super soft blanket for our future child. The yarn is really thick and squishy, so I just know the child will be so happy and warm in it! And it will be big (but not too big), so the child can grow with it and Read more »

Nursery Preparation, pt. 2

Hello expectant mama! We did more work on the nursery this week. Andrew fixed the broken blinds and then after washing them, we tested the new blackout curtains. They worked well enough that a baby shouldn’t wake up from being blinded first thing in the morning, so we were happy! I do still need to hem the curtains, Read more »

Nursery Preparation, pt. 1

Hello Future Mama! Andrew and I have been slowly preparing the nursery for a little bit now, and last night we did some shopping to make the space come together more. Since we don’t know the gender of our future child, we were aiming for neutral with personality, until we learn more about our child when they arrive. Read more »

Home from California

Hello future mom! We made it back from California! We got to see the beach once, and help out our family. My mother is doing really well, even taking stairs with only a little help. My younger brother, Kyle, was very helpful to us all, filling in the gaps to make sure Mom healed well. I also got to teach my mom’s Read more »

Gone to California

Andrew and I have gone to California for a little under a month right now. Our future child’s grandma, my mom, has had hip surgery, and we have come down to take care of her during her recovery. It’s been so wonderful to see her recovering so well even a couple days post-surgery and she had some wonderful Read more »

Our Eleventh Wedding Anniversary

This past week Andrew and I celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary. We’ve come a long way since we first started, but I could not have chosen a better man in my life than him. He treats me and my family so well and generously, and I never feel like I can’t handle something with him by my side. So we spent Read more »

Christmas With Friends

This year we stayed home in Utah for the holiday season and visited with our family, both found and born with. We had a wonderful dinner with Andrew’s parents and siblings, and even some of our nieces and nephews on Christmas Eve. We exchanged presents to take home, did our little Christmas program, and sang carols Read more »

D&D with my nephew

My nephew, who is in the first grade, wanted to run a Dungeons & Dragons game for his Dad, my brother. I was asked to come over and help him run the game. It was a lot of fun to see him come up with challenges for his Dad’s character, Sir Papersword, to overcome. My nephew was rolling so good, and my brother was Read more »

Christmas Stockings

We have been decorating for Christmas together. We love the holiday with its lights and presents. We especially love the time we have with family. This year have hung a third stocking in the hopes that we can fill it for a child someday. We know that Christmas can be hard when we miss the people we love and not everything is Read more »


Yesterday, Glenna had a recital for the voice lessons she has taking over the past few months. She has a beautiful voice, but felt like she needed more practice. I have no musical skill, but I love how happy singing makes Glenna. This got me thinking about what interests a child we raise might have. Will they like music, art, Read more »

Dinosaurs & Minecraft

We had the opportunity to babysit my nephews. We played with dinosaurs, looked at our pet snake Chocolate Chip, and played some Minecraft. Fun times all around. This was some good practice for when we have kids living in our home. Read more »

Canning Tomato Sauce

I took this picture of Glenna while we were canning tomato sauce made from all our garden tomatoes. She had never canned before, but we had fun getting it all made. We kept a few jars for ourselves and sent some of it to a hopeful future grandma. We hope that we can share in the things we make and the joy of making them with Read more »

Leaf Watching Date

Andrew and I went up to Logan, UT at the beginning of October to take a look at the leaves changing up there. It had been awhile and we decided to take a day date for lunch and drive a few hours there. We saw some beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows amongst the green in Sardine Canyon (check out our album). We also went Read more »

Our First Grape Harvest

Andrew planted a grape vine a couple years ago along our fence-line and this year was the first year it produced any grapes! They are Himrod table grapes, a tasty type of white grape, sweet with a bit of tart edge to make them refreshing. We are so excited by these! Our dream to share these things, both our love of growing Read more »

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