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Leaf Watching Date

Andrew and I went up to Logan, UT at the beginning of October to take a look at the leaves changing up there. It had been awhile and we decided to take a day date for lunch and drive a few hours there. We saw some beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows amongst the green in Sardine Canyon (check out our album). We also went into downtown Logan City to get some good lunch at their local pizza parlor. The downtown was so cute with all the fall decorations and pumpkins everywhere, even a giant one over 1100 lbs! This air was Read more »

Our First Grape Harvest

Andrew planted a grape vine a couple years ago along our fence-line and this year was the first year it produced any grapes! They are Himrod table grapes, a tasty type of white grape, sweet with a bit of tart edge to make them refreshing. We are so excited by these! Our dream to share these things, both our love of growing Read more »

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Glenna & Andrew

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Glenna & Andrew