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Christmas With Friends

This year we stayed home in Utah for the holiday season and visited with our family, both found and born with. We had a wonderful dinner with Andrew’s parents and siblings, and even some of our nieces and nephews on Christmas Eve. We exchanged presents to take home, did our little Christmas program, and sang carols around the tree together. We also gave out some of the apple butter Andrew made and the fudge I make every year.

I got to sing my recital piece as well, since the last few months I had started taking voice lessons again for the first time in nearly 20 years. One of our nephews (he’s 3) got emotional as I sang, so I hope I didn’t do too badly. :D

After the holiday, we met with our found family and exchanged gifts, leading to the picture of our niece and nephew in our laps. I always feel so honored that they love us and want to be near us. It was a lovely holiday season and we are looking forward to spending more and more time with everyone in the coming year. I do hope that we can bring a little one with us someday.


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Glenna & Andrew

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Glenna & Andrew