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Nursery Preparation, pt. 2

Hello expectant mama! We did more work on the nursery this week. Andrew fixed the broken blinds and then after washing them, we tested the new blackout curtains. They worked well enough that a baby shouldn’t wake up from being blinded first thing in the morning, so we were happy! I do still need to hem the curtains, since they are way too long.

We washed the sheet set for the crib and for the bassinet and put them in the furniture. It is sooo cute, especially with all the little forest animals. Andrew and I practically tear up at how adorable it is. we now need a pillow and little duvet to go in the duvet cover for the crib. The sheets even go with the floor play mat we were gifted, which was unintentional but full of serendipity.

All the baby clothes we have are under the big bed and crib waiting to be worn in bins. We are so excited now that the nursery is at least somewhat ready for us. I put more pictures in the album for you to look at and really see the cuteness.

A friend of mine, one of the baby’s future adopted aunties, has volunteered to help me paint some Studio Ghibli characters on the walls, like Totoro and the soot sprites (my favorites). We might do more. We’ll have to take some time to choose the safest paints and character ideas. I get more and more excited as we go on.

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