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Nursery Preparation, pt. 1

Hello Future Mama!

Andrew and I have been slowly preparing the nursery for a little bit now, and last night we did some shopping to make the space come together more. Since we don’t know the gender of our future child, we were aiming for neutral with personality, until we learn more about our child when they arrive.

We are replacing a set of broken blinds on one of the windows, and got some nice blackout curtains since the room is east facing and gets bright very quickly in the morning. Andrew’s family gave us a lovely wooden crib, so we just now bought a good crib mattress and a set of cute sheets to go in it. We already have a sweet little bassinet, also, and bought a set of sheets for that. That will go in our room when the baby arrives so we can keep an eye on them and help them feel safe. We have to wash and put together everything first, but I’m super excited for how it will turn out.

We were also given some clothes in both boy or girl sizes to make sure that our future baby would have options when they first arrive. Between that and a cute little baby play mat with toys dangling over it, we feel the room can be as nice as possible. I can’t wait to finish it and post pictures here. It’s all got a nice forest theme for now until our child can show us their preferences one day.

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Glenna & Andrew

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