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Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday for us because we love the elements of gratitude and sharing a feast with family, but we want to be mindful of what it represents for Indigenous Americans. For now, we focus on everyone doing their part to show love through acts of service to prepare the meal, and learning about/honoring Native American Heritage month and the ways we can be better allies. This year, the kiddo is making his own butter for the feast, making napkin rings, and ironing the table cloths. He got a jump on the dessert table one, today.  We’ve hosted Jessa’s mom and brother the last few years at our house, and we really love it!! It’s so sweet to watch the kiddo take so much care and pride in his tasks, and we all love working together to create a beautiful meal to share.

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Jessa and Keaton

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Jessa and Keaton