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Selin and James

It is destined to be❤️

Dear birthmom,
First of all, we applaud you to have the courage and self-sacrifice to bring a baby to this earth..You are letting a life grow in your belly..You are giving him/her a chance to experience this life! How amazing is that!
Second, we also totally understand that this may not be the right time for you to raise a baby.. We also applaud you for knowing that and choosing to move on to fulfill your own path..We are saying this because Selin also has been there, and she had to move on to fulfill her own destiny.
You know in your heart that you should be moving on to fulfill your own destiny..and you know in your heart your baby deserves the best family..We support you fully in this decision..
We truly believe in destiny and that events happen for a reason..We believe that our child is going to find us when the time is right..
He/she is sending you the signals..just listen to him/her...and let him/her choose..
We love you even if we have never met..
Love and best wishes
Selin & James

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We met at a salsa dance event! :) We saw each other and started walking towards each other to dance..While dancing James started to talk Spanish to impress Selin. Unfortunately Selin didn't understand a word since she was not Latino. :) But we connected so well since then :)
We are both highly educated professors and we are both in education field. Selin is a university professor at the highest level (Full Professor) and James is teaching English as a second language and he is the director of the ESL program.
We both value education and prioritize education at the highest standards. We also love being active and enjoying life together as a family.

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Selin and James

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Selin and James