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Amy & Larry

Lots of love in a small town

Hi! We are Amy and Larry. We live in a small town in Illinois, and are waiting excitedly to complete our family with a child. In our home, your child will grow up with Scouts, sports, swimming, church, travel, books -- and all the love in our hearts! (Plus an antique tractor.)

Please know that we will give your child the best guidance and opportunities that we can to help reach his or her full potential. We will raise your child with kindness, respect, lots of fun, and plenty of love. We will discuss adoption openly and honestly with your child. He or she will always know that your adoption decision was made out of love. We would enjoy maintaining contact with you if you so choose. We will be glad to include your child's siblings and/or any other relatives you want him or her to know.

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Who We Are

We have been married for eight years. Our time together has enabled us to build a strong relationship based on faith, patience, and love. We are ready to share our love with your child and make parenting our top priority.

We always felt that adoption might be part of how we built our family. Then we got an infertility diagnosis, and we saw that as a sign. Amy comes from a large blended family with step- and half-siblings, which has shown us that love matters more than DNA.

We have so much to give: time, love, experience, family, community involvement, travel possibilities, learning--and fun! We will teach responsibility and a work ethic, but also make sure that your child has plenty of opportunities to have fun.

What makes us great as a couple is that our strengths and interests are different, but overlap. Our antique tractor is a great example of how that works. Larry is the one who actually uses the tractor (to mow our country acreage) and keeps it maintained. But Amy enjoys the tractor because of all the history involved. We have a lot of fun in the summer and early fall going to antique tractor shows. Amy has been paying attention to which shows have the best children's activities, to make sure your child will have fun going along with us.

Adoption Diary

Just added our holiday photos

We are looking forward to making new holiday traditions together with your child.  We already have a stocking ready!  I prefer half-size Christmas trees to full-size ones, but I’m planning a second one that will be kid-friendly.  We’ll start collecting decorations on baby’s first Christmas, then buy and start putting up the second tree when your child is old enough to take an interest in it.

So Excited to Be on Adoptimist

I’m getting more of our profile set up now, and one major thing that I just did is to load pictures of our adoption book in as an Adoptimist photo album.  That way you can see the pictures even without downloading the adoption book.  My next project in a couple of days will be to add some of our pictures from the recent holiday season.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Amy & Larry

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Amy & Larry