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Darren & Larry

Fun-Loving married couple ready to provide the world to a child and surround them with so much love and affection. <3

We are so very honored you would consider giving us the opportunity to provide a loving home for your baby. We recognize this could be a very emotional and important decision for you, and our hope is that after learning
more about us, you will have the utmost confidence in our ability to care for your child. We are excited to provide an environment for a baby to be loved, nurtured and exceptional in everything they do.

We are a family that values authenticity, unconditional love, and quality time. We know it will not be an easy journey, but we are excited about the amazing moments and experiences, such as cradling them to sleep, the first steps and words, and their first performance or game. If they are in performing arts, they will be the star of the show (Darren will be crying because he is a sap), and if they are playing a sport, they will be on the starting lineup; we both will be those loud, obnoxious parents.

We are excited to cultivate a strong connection and relationship built on trust and communication. We want our child to be a free thinker, curious, confident, and excited to experience life. We will try our best not to spoil them, but we can’t make any promises. :-)

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Who We Are

Our journey together began six years ago, and it has been an amazing ride full of love and constant growth ever since. We are super excited to enter the next phase of parenthood together. Darren works as an account executive and leadership coach for an education technology company, and Larry works as an executive assistant at a small healthcare non-profit. We met online, instantly connected, and have been inseparable ever since.

Darren loves cartoons and video games and is excited about doing every “silly” dance that embarrasses Larry but the baby will love. Larry is an avid runner and can’t wait to take the baby for long walks at the local park. We have a two-year-old Yorkie named Baxter who is sweet as pie and always wants to cuddle.

Parenthood has been a part of our conversation since the early days of our relationship. With such a strong focus on education and our careers, we knew we wanted to wait until the perfect time to adopt. It has always been important for
us to share the many experiences of parenthood together and equally.

Like many people, we were fortunate enough to be able to transition to fully remote roles in 2020, allowing us to virtually choose where we wanted to live. We relocated and purchased a brand new home within minutes of our friends and family, ensuring that we have a strong and available support system for our future child.

Adoption Diary

Trip to the water park

We met Larry’s sister, cousin, and their babies at the waterpark.  It was great to get away on a day trip.  Of course, they asking about the adoption process because they are more excited than we are.  Larry’s sister and Darren’s sister want to be Aunties so badly. hahaha.

Random Thoughts

Our home study has been approved for a few months so we are still relatively early in our process.  We are so excited about the potential of being first-time parents but we also recognize how challenging of a decision this could be for the expectant mother.  We remind ourselves that everything will happen for the right reason in the right season.  What is for us will be for us.  We always believed that the universe works in mysterious ways so the best thing we can do is make the most out of every day.

We have this feeling that we will match out of the blue and then be frantically running around. hahaha.

In the end, we are simply grateful to be in a position to support an expectant mother with an adoption plan. <3

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Darren & Larry

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Darren & Larry