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My Story

I am a strong, creative, grounded woman. I will give this child a calm, healthy and stable home and lifetime of unconditional love.

As a psychotherapist for many years, I understand well how positive family interactions shape our character and self-esteem.

People who know me will tell you – my energy is nurturing. My friend’s four year old daughter asked, ‘Is Lisa our family?’ She put me on her family board for a school project. Please see my friend's daughter's drawings about our relationship in my Albums. Please read my dear friend's Amelia and Paul's letter in the About Me Section.

I am self-employed and able to stay at home at the beginning of my baby’s life. I can schedule my patients around the changing needs of my child. Work and family balance is appreciated in the field of mental health. There is a solid support network for families.

Co-workers Emily and Anna share. See their Letters of Support in the About Lisa section.

I love what I do. It makes a difference in people’s lives. I work with new moms and infants. As well as children, teens, adults, couples and families. I get to watch people learn, grow and heal!

I am cisgender. My pronouns are she, her, hers.

One of the most humbling things I’ve done was a ten day silent meditation retreat. I learned about being present. It is a precious gift to be ‘in the moment’ with a child.

Respect for one’s body is important to me. I belong to Babies Project. Their movement education classes teach about the touch, support and movement that babies need to thrive.

My mom was a single mother for half of my childhood. My grandma Sophie raised my father on her own. They were amazing role models. Both supported my education. As independent women, they showed true strength by relying on people when needed.

Brooklyn is the kind of place a child will flourish growing up in. I am a New Yorker through and through. I know this vibrant place like the back of my hand. I have roots in Brooklyn and Manhattan going back to my great great grandparents. I also have extended family in Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Nevada.

Curiosity and openness to learning are qualities essential for a successful life. Not only in school. There are many ways and places to learn.

I also value kindness, creativity, laughter, play and authenticity -being real.

I have a younger brother. We have always wanted the best for each other. He is a real estate professional and super hands-on dad to my nephews and niece. We get together for holidays, birthdays, graduations, recitals and baseball games. Please read my brother's Letter of Support in the About Lisa section.

COUSIN JILL is the mother of both four biological and adopted children. Her beautiful family is ready to embrace us. Read Cousin Jill's Letter of Support in the About Lisa section

MOM is a born ‘animal whisperer’. She inspired my love of animals. We grew up with Jessie the German Shepherd, Siamese cats Ming and Lucky. And many small animals – bunnies, turtles, hamsters, birds. She was a single mother for half of my childhood after our parents divorced. She raised us to persist in reaching our goals. Mom values education. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. And pursue an advanced degree. She visits often and lives nearby right outside New York City. Please read Mom's Letter in the About Lisa Section.

DAD was a first generation European immigrant. He passed down a strong work ethic. My first part-time job as a fourteen year old was in the kitchen of a Blimpie’s sub sandwich shop. He was a great athlete, a NYC paddle ball champion. Following in his footsteps, movement has always been a big part of my life. Including dance, cycling, roller blading, trekking. He worked in window display and design, in the shoe industry. He had a great visual sense. My artwork reflects this side of him. He is no longer with us. He was thrilled about my desire to have a family.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home CLOSE CIRCLE

Devoted family

Loving friends - read Hilary and Brian and Amelia and Paul's Letters of Support in the About Lisa Section.

Two cats that act like dogs -17 year old Juno and 8 year old Bear - their pictures are in my photos

Surrounded by families with children
Stoop sales
Block parties
Holiday potluck gatherings
Street music jams

My faith community’s missions are spirituality, learning and action for justice

A hip and walkable multi-ethnic neighborhood
Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Underhill Playground
Prospect Park Zoo
Prospect Park
Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Central Library
Brooklyn Academy of Music
St. Marks Community Garden
Grand Army Farmer’s Market
Luna Park at Coney Island
Rockaway Beach

Brooklyn has excellent public and private school options. These include Montessori early learning and Waldorf schools, depending on a child’s interests and learning style

Babies Project
Adoptive Parents Committee
Single Mothers By Choice

A brownstone with a backyard for a swing set! Sunflowers in the yard are pure delight. There is also a rose bush still blooming.

I am a bit of a bird nerd. Bird chirping is the alarm clock here, from Spring to Summer. Best backyard bird sighting is the red male cardinal.

MUSIC is always playing in my home. Classic rock (Beatles), R&B/Soul (Aretha Franklin), film soundtracks.

Everyone will tell you about my passion for cooking. My favorite meal to host is brunch. People most enjoy my quiches and vegetable stews. Pureed soups and healing broths for those needing some love.

When a friend’s toddler first ate broccoli, he and I came up with the name ‘little trees’. After ‘little trees’ he helped make kale chips.That toddler is now sixteen and loves sautéed kale! My friend credits me with him loving vegetables. I am picturing many messy, fun hours in my kitchen with two little hands mixing, and stirring.

TRAVEL: Dad served in the Army, Grandpa Herman in the Navy and Grandpa Charlie in the Air Force. Their stories motivated me to live overseas for two years. Six of those months was in a visual artist residency, as a painter.

Mom was grade school PTA President and volunteered with special needs kids. Dad coached our softball and baseball teams. I went to public schools, excelled in science and math. As a Brownie, sold and ate countless boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.

Summers were camp, Jones Beach, Asbury Park, Yankees games, Great Adventure amusement park. All year long, weekends were grandparent time. Visits to the Museum of Natural History, Hall of Gems and Minerals was my favorite outing.


adoptive family photo - Lisa My loved ones, in their own words....


"We have known Lisa for nine years. We first met her when we moved to New York from Europe. Amelia and Lisa met through a mutual friend. They were both taking a course in psychotherapy.

Our connection and friendship with Lisa influenced our decision to settle in America. And to set our roots in New York City. Lisa was generous and helpful to us on many levels. Our connection with her made us feel at home.

Lisa’s big heart and loving nature continued to be a support for us when we decided to start a family five years ago. We now have a four year-old daughter, who adores Lisa, as well as her two cats, Bear and Juno.

We remember a day when our daughter asked Amelia, “Mommy, is Lisa our family? I really want her to be our family.” Lisa is family to us.

As a mother, Amelia came to Lisa on challenging days. Amelia struggled, because she felt she needed to be a perfect mother. She came to realize that this was an impossible and unhelpful goal. During our conversations with Lisa, we have both felt understood. We have never felt judged. Lisa has for many years helped families, kids and adults. This and her personality, make her a wonderful candidate for adoption.

We never hesitate to leave our daughter in Lisa’s care. We know that she will be safe, loved, and taken care of. Lisa always puts our daughter’s emotional needs first. We have see this during many visits and times spent together. Especially when our daughter was having a difficult day/time. We have seen Lisa’s empathic presence and how it helps healing.

As a mother, I (Amelia) felt grateful for Lisa’s kind and grounding presence. Recently, our daughter made a drawing of Lisa, Juno and Bear. She insisted on mailing this to Lisa (see attached). Our daughter worked on a school project to create a family board. It was only natural for us to include a picture of Lisa and Bear and Juno.

2020 was a difficult year. Covid-19 has confronted us with our own mortality. And the possibility of getting ill. We are grateful to have avoided getting sick. We are fortunate and blessed to have Lisa in our lives and to know that she would be there if our daughter needed.

Any child would be fortunate to have Lisa as a mother. We hope that we get to celebrate the day that she becomes one. It would be a gift to that child."


"Lisa has been my mentor for the past six years. I am one among the many lucky people to have been lovingly cared for by her. Her nurturing, understanding, consistent and joyful way of being makes her a vital, maternal presence in my life. I know many others feel the same way about her.

Our relationship began when I was brand new to the field of psychotherapy. Lisa created an atmosphere of patience, authentic warmth, encouragement and support. This allowed me to grow into myself. I turn to her for guidance in uncertain moments. I never feel judged when I go to her with my mistakes.

In my own path to motherhood, Lisa was one of the first people I told about my pregnancy. And one of the first people I introduced my newborn son to. Throughout my pregnancy and as a mother, Lisa attuned to both me and my baby in ways that others would never think to be. She prioritized my physical and emotional comfort, as I waded into uncharted waters of pregnancy and birth. She was again a grounding and reassuring presence in my early, bleary days of parenthood.

Lisa met my son when he was only about a month old. I will never forget how respectful and caring she was of his fragile humanity. Others reached immediately into his stroller to touch him. Pick him up. Dangle something in front of his face or otherwise intrude on his space. Instead, Lisa followed his subtlest cues. Allowing him to become comfortable in her presence before gently saying hello.

New motherhood confronted me with an unfathomable depth of care for my baby. And a fierce protectiveness of his well-being in the world. Lisa’s attuned way of being with him put me immediately at ease-- I could relax with her, and so could he.

He is now approaching two years old. One of his favorite snuggly items is a stuffed animal that Lisa gave to him when they first met. Separated during the pandemic, Lisa remains a consistent loving auntie in his life. For this I am grateful beyond words.

I am thrilled to write in support for Lisa. Not to answer the question of whether she would be a wonderful mother, but to say instead that she already is one. If you are considering making adoption plans, I can’t imagine a better choice than a mother like Lisa."


"I am Lisa’s brother and am writing this letter to share some thoughts. And offer my support for her choice to adopt a child. She is a very warm, caring and thoughtful person, who would be a fantastic mother and role model.

Lisa is an aunt to her nieces and nephews (my children ages, 21, 19 and 16). She has had the benefit of participating in their lives, experiences and events. As a result, Lisa comes to parenting with a strong understanding for what it takes to raise a child. She has a great perspective on what it takes for children to become independent and responsible adults.

Lisa has also been a great sounding board for me. I seek out her advice on how to deal with parenting and life situations. She is a great listener for me. And whenever she is with the kids, offers the same patience and curiosity about what’s going on in their lives.

As the father of three, I understand the dynamics of being a parent today. The purest thing you can offer a child is your time, love and attention. Lisa knows this. She will be an incredible parent. I want to reiterate my support for her to be able to share her gifts and bring a warm and loving life to a child."


“Lisa and I met six years ago at the mental health clinic where we were colleagues. She stood out as a calm and mature presence, even among a group of gifted social workers. Because of these traits, I later chose her as a clinical supervisor. Also because of her experience and intelligence.

As a supervisor, Lisa was a gifted, attuned listener. She brought a soothing depth of presence and sensitivity into the relationship. I know she carries this over to her own patients and all the people in her life. She also served as a role model for many of us working there. On how to conduct oneself with personal integrity in complex interpersonal situations. I was able to lean on Lisa for all matters of clinical/professional support. And put my utmost trust in her while I was a new clinician.

Over time, Lisa and I have become friends and live in the same neighborhood. I enjoy visiting her home, which is serene and inviting. It is also a pleasure to see the loving care she provides for Bear and Juno, her beloved cats and her backyard garden. When she first told me about her hope to become a mother, I felt thrilled. I could immediately picture her bonding with a baby and delighting in the child’s growth. I look forward to meeting her new family!”


"We are writing this letter in support of Lisa and her decision to become an adoptive parent. Hilary and Lisa met twenty years ago, when they were both enrolled in an alternative healing program, and they have been close friends ever since. Time spent with Lisa is always full of laughter, wonderful and healthy cooking, and conversation about important things in our lives. She is a good friend to us, and we look forward to sharing more of our time together in the future.

As parents of three children (12, 11, and 8 years old), we have always been impressed with Lisa’s ability to relate to our boys. She is very patient with them, asks lots of questions, and is willing to endure the dozens of questions that may fly her way from their curious minds. Lisa is very aware of the demands of parenting and the amount of commitment needed to raise children. Her personal and professional growth over the twenty years we have known her shows willingness to embrace change, the only constant in the life of a parent.

Seeing Lisa create such a wonderful life for herself has been joyful to experience as her friends. We can’t wait to get to know her as a mother. We can only imagine the love, care, and compassion she will show a child as they grow to be an adult. It is so exciting for us to be able to share our support for her with you, and hope this letter only confirms what you have already found while getting to know Lisa."


"While you can read about Lisa, I hope I can give you some more insight into the person she is and the mother I know she will be.

I am the mother of 4 of both biological and adopted children and write this knowing several things. First, the ability to give, receive and share love is what helps a child thrive.

Lisa is not only a warm, giving and kind person, but she selflessly shares her love. Second, Lisa has a balance between what is important today, but also when to move on and focus on tomorrow. Not getting caught up in the unimportant is so critical to a child’s well being.

Finally, Lisa sets an example of a good human being which is what we all want for our children. She is thoughtful, intelligent, funny, cautious and adventurous, and has a beautiful soul. She will raise healthy and happy children because that is the person she is. The greatest compliment I can give someone is that I would trust Lisa to raise my own children."


“I would like to share with you the reasons I know my daughter Lisa will be a wonderful mother.

Lisa is a warm and sensitive person. She gives so much to the people in her life in any situation. Lisa has always had this ability.

As a very little girl, her grandpa Herman often napped after his long night shifts as a hotel bellman. Lisa would sit at the entry of the room he was in. She’d say to anyone who walked by, ‘shhh, papa’s sleeping’.

Her outlook on life is positive. She takes on any challenge that comes her way. Once Lisa starts something, she sees it through to the end.

Her love for her family and friends is the most important thing in her life. No matter what comes up she is there. Though she doesn’t lose herself. She knows her limits and has a tremendous support system.

Lisa will be a great mother for any child needing an involved and nurturing parent. Giving a child all aspects of what they need and want to grow into a happy, successful adult.

Lisa and her child will surrounded with love and attention from this proud grandma. And our entire family.”

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