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Meet my Work Birthday Twin!!!

To My Future Little One…⁠

Today is your Future Mommy BIRTHDAY!!!!⁠

I will have more pictures later about how I celebrated my birthday but I wanted to show you a picture of two of my work colleagues. The lady in the middle shares a birthday with your Future Mommy! We met at work and discovered our joint love for October 2nd! She is a great woman, mother, and colleague.  I hope you meet her one day, and she cannot wait to meet you!⁠

About This Diary

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited today because I am about to go on a journey of a lifetime! I am going to increase my family through adoption! I have always wanted to become a Mom and I am hoping that someone (an Expectant Mom) will see me and say she is the one... So, share my posts! and lets hope for another human being to come and join this wonderful crazy village called Brooklyn!

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