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Spring-Summer 2021

  • Easter virtual wall tour at the church

Winter 2020-2021

  • Out to eat at a Greek
  • Our fish tank. Working on adding more fish.
  • Hiking on Chelsey’s bir
  • Chelsey and her best
  • For Thanksgiving Matt’s sister made a digital scavenger hunt so we texted pictures back and forth all day. This was “hug someone you love”
  • “Cook a turkey”
  • “Do an act of service”
  • Thanksgiving with Chelsey’s
  • Games with Matt’s f
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  • We post-it noted our neighbor’s door
  • Drive thru light show
  • At the airport waiting to leave for Cancun
  • Run on the beach
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  • Ad4651da-62e6-4fe3-8ed5-c2955bcaa59c
  • Ancient ruins in Talum
  • C8991a96-5a87-454f-b3bd-e55873d92fad
  • At a cenote
  • E322860c-9b3e-4616-b349-0ca3f330cf6b
  • Our day at the beach was windy and rainy but we still had fun. We brought lots of seashells home from Cancun.
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  • 333973b4-c562-4f0e-b464-503f485b4b07
  • Eating jello cake for Matt’s si
  • Matt drawing with Zion
  • 9beeaa27-2fbb-440d-9cd4-2753d2a4d14e
  • Matt drew a picture of Jesus and then Zion helped color it
  • Blowing up balloons for Chelsey’s si
  • Meeting our newest nephew Maliko
  • Zion and Maliko being comforted by Grandma and Grandpa
  • B38528ea-4fd3-4fea-97fd-ff45846ac993
  • Matt’s road trip with high school friends

Digital Profile Book

  • Some of these pictures may be duplicates from our other album but this will give you a greater glimpse into who we are
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  • Eeba3d80-07cc-466e-ac21-fa3d72dbea54
  • D1e72529-27c3-42b7-9ff7-5e5d256e6a1b

This is us

  • We love summer
  • Trip to Brazil 2012
  • Living it up in Hawaii - 2009-2013
  • Chelsey's parents
  • We like to pull silly faces
  • Engagement photo
  • Wedding Photo
  • Family pictures day
  • Chelsey's sisters
  • Chelsey's family
  • Bicycle built for two
  • Hiking with Chelsey's sisters
  • Biking with Chelsey's sister
  • Halloween Square Dance Party
  • Waterfalls
  • Our swimming pool
  • Funny faces again while waiting for firework show
  • Disneyland Trip with Chelsey's sister and her family
  • Matt's parents and the other grandchildren
  • Matt
  • Ballroom dance lessons
  • Matt's family hike

Spring-Summer 2021

Easter virtual wall tour at the church

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