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Chickens are loving spring!

We are happy to introduce you to our girls: Vivian, Nellie, Penny, Gertrude, Ruth, Judy and Sally! Spring is here and our girls have been happy as can be, getting some sun and hunting for bugs. Many don’t know this, but most chickens stop laying eggs during the winter (when the days get shorter) and start back up in the spring.  They have all started laying again and we think their eggs taste great and look even better.  Getting 2-3 dozen eggs per week is too much for us to handle so we make sure to share Read more »

Winter in Buffalo

This winter in Buffalo has been a snowy one, which has been great for outdoor activities.  We’ve managed to get out a couple days a week to either go hiking, sledding (with the nieces/nephews) or snowshoeing.  It’s been great to see our families and get to enjoy the outdoors!  Can’t wait to Read more »

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