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New Year 2021

Cheers to the New Year.  As Andrew and I celebrated this start to the new year, I had on the back of my mind that this year I could become a mother.  This excites me and makes me happy, but I also then thought of my potential birth mother and what she might be thinking with this new year.  Is she pregnant now and looking into adoption, maybe she isn’t even pregnant yet.  All I know is she is out there and I cannot wait to talk to her, meet her, and hopefully help her in making the decision of adoption and for Andrew and I to be her child’s parents.  So much love in my heart, and I just want to be there for you in anyway. Let the journey begin in 2021…

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Thank you for letting us tell you about us. Thank you for reading our story and letting us share a little bit about ourselves, how we were raised, and how we will raise your child. Hopefully you have an understanding of who we are as a couple and who we want to be as parents. We can’t wait to welcome and little person into our world. We would love to hear about the dreams that you have your child and get to know you personally and learn more about you. And we’d we honored if you chose us to be parents to your child. We can’t wait to become parents and start making precious memories with our future child. What you are doing for your child is remarkable.
Please contact us at 848-223-5975 or via email at so that we can get to know one another better.
If you have any questions about the legal process, please feel free to contact our attorney Suzanne Nichols at 1-800-255-1415. She is well versed in the process and has placed many children throughout her career and can answer any questions you may have.
We know you will make the best decision and we wish nothing but the best for you..

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